Monday, May 10, 2010


Indeed I felt like a Queen as my family went above and beyond making me feel "Special".
This beautiful arrangement of Sweetheart Roses arrived Friday from my oldest son Lance from Mobile, Alabama and they had the entire house smelling sweet all weekend.

And still speaking of the boys, youngest son Jake came with his girlfriend Crystal shown here

and they surprised me with a wonderful Lavender candle, card and beautiful "Mom" heart necklace.

The girls were not to be upstaged..........
My daughter Lori spoiled me with dainties such as panties, socks, camis and hair bows

as she is trying to get me ready for some new things for our vacation. She also provided the steak meal for our cook-out. This is Lori showing her fabulous Coach Bag her daughter Erika sent her. Snazzy huh!

And speaking of Erika...

this is what my granddaughter sent me, her granny for Mother's Day. What a gorgeous satiny coat creation to take on my trip and the little purse is to die for.

And baby girl Shari was covered up with kids, grandkids and all kinds of happenings yesterday at her home so she is coming this morning and the three of us Lori, Shari and myself are going shopping as Shari wants to surprise her momma with something new to wear and then off to lunch and afterwards we three chicks are going to have a girls only portrait made for our Mother's Day 2010.
What a wonderful day!
Of course not having sisters, I count so many of you as my sissies and one very special sis, Anitra Cameron from over at Coffee Pot People sent me a totally surprising box of lovlies which came on Friday. Lucious silky yarns in crimson and hot pink, a perfectly sweet little cake stand handmade by her and china tea service for three! Also this little collaged wall hanging which I adore. I love my sister girl!

And Punkin as I told you earlier gave me my Kindle for part of Mother's Day and he also washed every dirty dish yesterday, cooked for this mob and ran errands and kept his cool all day and made me realize once again as I do every single day why I love him so much.

The presents..nice and wonderful, the cards beautiful and thoughtful, but the Real Deal here is family and friends who take the time to love, smile, laugh and just make one another feel special. And the day to remember from where and whom we came!


  1. You, my dearest, are truly blessed with a wonderful family!!

  2. What a wonderful day! It is so nice to be loved and appreciated by your children! Sounds like it's not over yet. Enjoy today's shopping and the photo sounds great!

  3. It's good to see a happy and well adjusted family coming together for such a wonderful celebration. You are truly blessed. I'm sure you DID feel like a Queen for a day. Sounds like you have more coming your way today, too.

  4. Your family are such a nice bunch, you really are so lucky having them, but I know you know that ! I think all your goodies are lovely, and the necklace is sooo pretty, and the coat too! You carry on enjoying it all.. you deserve every bit of happiness, you are such a lovely girl! suzie. xxx

  5. You said it, Mollye, and it's so obvious that you have a fabulous family! :-)

    Loved seeing all of your goodies and seeing all of your pics. Thanks for sharing, dear one, and I look forward to hearing about your trip!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Girlfriend , you are so blessed!!!

  7. Miz Mollye you are a special lady...and your family knows it :D
    thanks for sharing your day with us...

  8. So happy you liked the little goodies!

    You are one very special lady, and you deserve every bit of the Mother's Day spoiling you got!

  9. Looks like you had a great day with a lovely family. sandie

  10. done good girl! Lot's of wonderful things from those that love you. How very nice!


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