Saturday, June 12, 2010


Is it for you too?

Do you hate the sweltering heat

the bugs


What do you do on a daily basis to enjoy it inspite of the moments which are very close to unbearable?

Like most things in life to truly enjoy and get the most benefits it is Balance. I have to pace myself.

I stay in awhile, go to the garden to work for awhile, take a swim out back, come back in and play in my art studio, read, do housework where it is cool. Take showers, make refreshing drinks...

and the main thing I do in the summer to enjoy it is to make myself think of WINTER and how cold I get and how miserable I am and how my body aches and the colds, sneezing, coughing, pale skin :), layers of clothing and yep I smile and say "Bring it on". Summer Forever!


  1. Yep, I say bring it on Summer over Winter anyday. I'd rather sweat than freeze...altho, I should say mama says lady's don't sweat! Nice pictures and so lady like!

  2. I am just the opposite. Give me winter any day. I hate the heat and the misery of it all.

    I've given you a blog award. Please stop by to check it out.

  3. I absolutely LOVE summer, but it does become a little testy in August when the air is thick and it's hot and humid out 24 hours a day! lol

    As for thrifting up near Peabody... I don't venture out that way really, so I'm not sure what is there. I wasn't into collecting vintage until after I married and moved away from Boston. =O

  4. I'm more of a Fall person. I love the turning of the trees and the crispness in the air. I hate to sweat!

  5. I loved reading about your day - that is kind of how mine goes - except I don't really like the housework part LOL! Have a great Pink Sat. And I love summer since you can be outside so easily - but every season has its special qualities.


  6. I love both, I have hot flushes now, so I overheat very quickly, I have a faulty thermostat since my chemo! But then, I don't like to be cold! I love winter, because of christmas, but I love summer as all the leaves and flowers are out. I think I would have to pick summer! Suzie xxx

  7. Here in florida its all about timing..the kids and I try to stay indoors early morning and in the late afternoon we head out doors for some pool or sprinkler fun.I have to admit I just love the fall..its the perfect temp to eat outside.When Hubby was in hospital I missed that more than anything..eating outside as a family..enjoying the breeze.Big Hugs,Cat

  8. Very cool post! The heat is awful but the cold is more difficult to deal with. I have to drive in the snow and ice and craziness so summer is better in the long run! You have such a great summer cooling off plan! I like it! Hugs Anne

  9. I love summer!! It doesn't last near long enough for me. When it gets too humid and hot, we turn on the air... but even then I will sit outside on the deck and enjoy the views and sounds of summer.


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