Sunday, June 13, 2010

एअर्थ गिया


Have you been shopping here at the newest online marketplaces? Earth Gaia is the place to shop for one of a kind artwork and other gotta haveit stuff.

I am in the process of listing some of my artwork and other things and thought "why not" I still have my Etsy shop but as you know Etsy has grown so that it is hard to sell from.

These are two of the Retro Aprons I made this weekend and I am listing them along with some of my handmade dolls and art prints.

love this paperdoll fabric

can you see the shiny blue stars on this fabric?

this is the back view showing the cut of the sides being rounded

I am offering my collage and digital prints in regular printed format to be mailed to the buyer, but I really need to figure out how to print in JPGS so I can send the print through EMail as a digital download. Then I can save of ink, postage, photo paper and I can cut my prices drastically and offer them so much cheaper. If anyone has ideas on how to get me started here, I sure would appreciate any tutorials:)

The name of my new shop is WRINKLES. Come on over and visit and if you're looking for a new place to show your art, crafts and other creations where the market is not completely saturated then you might want to give Earth Gaia a try!


  1. Love the aprons Mollye, and I will definitely go and visit your new shop.. love the name! Suzie xxx

  2. Mollye those aprons are too cute :D
    Wrinkles...what the name :D

  3. Hi Mollye,
    I love the aprons! I don't mean to be too blonde... but how do I get to Wrinkles?

  4. Oh Mollye

    Congrats on the new shop!! Love the aprons!

    I'll be by soon.


  5. Mollye, love the new shop! those aprons are beautiful..did you make those too??



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