Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just posted today about Summer Reading Program and that was a nice post. But what is really on my mind is HORMONES. Or the lack of............

My daughter Shari and I were just talking about the fact that she at almost 46 years old has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to have her hormone levels drawn and likely beginning hormone therapy. She expressed her concerns.

Of course I have been a loyal friend of those tiny daily pills for many years now and several times decided to go off the pill. Only to get to the point of almost no return around here at which time I was in the "Igottagetbackonthesedamnpillsbeforeikillsomeone" mode.

And of course my Punkin Darlin swears by them. (my taking them of course).

I also told Shari about buying groceries over the weekend and meeting two women I really liked while standing in line at the checkout counter and our discussion: Hormones. We all three talked of the fact that there was NO ONE in the world who could make us NOT take them. Because now for goodness sake we can get our meds from Canada without a doctor's prescription.

I had a new doctor at the first of this year and a female at that who talked of the risks associated with and tried her best to interest me in the herbal replacements. I told her I knew all the risks but for her to know without a doubt that the risks associated with everyone who came in contact with me while abstaining from Hormones was faaaaaaaaaaar greater than anything she could tell me about.

So I am happy, no hot flashes, I don't sweat at night, bite my nails, weep at strange times, feel fatigued. I don't have to keep my butcher knives under lock and key, all who drive on the road are safer and my husband is safe and happy at home.

Bring em on sisters. Hormones......what a beautiful life.


  1. Since the Bible was truer words have ever been spoken than these.

  2. ROTFL!!! I took hormones for years just for those reasons. I took less and less until now I'm hormone replacement free. Doing OK but I am all for them for anyone who needs them. Save the world, take hormones!

  3. I call them my HAPPY PILLS and the hub frequently says to me: did you take your HP today :)

  4. crazy stuff!! Hey, Mollye would you be a little leary if you were excited about a swap thinking it was a good one and got handed a partner that is 14 and lives in Australia??

  5. So, I didn't have time to leave a comment early this morning on your earlier post -- yet your query about reading was on my mind most of the morning. Good stuff there!

    Now? I'm like Linda (ROTFL)... been there, done that! The weaker sex? ... Gimme a break! :)

  6. I took hormones for years, but got worried about cancer and other inconvenient things so I went off them. I finally evened out and feel somewhat normal, but not very sexy (but who cares?).


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