Thursday, June 10, 2010


I remember summer fun as a child always included the library reading programs. Afterward we got to stop off at the Boy's Club and swim before getting on the bus and heading home. I always got my gold stars for completing the required number of books read over the summer break.

What is the very best book you ever read as a child?
Did you love reading?
My favorite author....Gertrude Chandler Warner who spun the fascinating Boxcar Children Series.

Visit the Gertrude Chandler Warner Museum and Website

Violet, Jessie, Henry and Bennie: The Boxcar Children who were orphans and making their way in life via freight trains, scavenging food, clothing, housing and other necessities and above all sticking together. Oh how I longed to take to the road with them. I did.

I think the main reason I glamourized their lifestyle was because it was so close to my grandfather's way of living. My grandfather whom I lovingly referred to as Grandpappy was an alcoholic drifter, completely irresponsible though loveable who traveled across the wide open spaces of our country working Pitch and Win Shows on the midways of the county fairs and tent circuses.

I came from a long line of readers. My momma loved reading detective magazines, was a total whiz at crossword puzzles and games. She read fiction mostly.
Her grandfather was a reader of all things non-fiction and historical. He was a brilliant man and gifted in math. My mother's aunt, Anne read stacks and stacks of books each week. She was a single woman. I guess they referred to that back then as a "spinster", but reading took her places she could only experience in books. She was a clutterbug and her bedroom was filled to the brim with stacks of books on the floor, dressers and chairs.

I have always loved reading and read most all genres. I cannot remember a time when I have not had a library card regardless of where I lived or how new I was to the area.

My oldest son is a reader and one of my grandsons loves reading. My one and only first cousin on my momma's side of the family is also a reader.
So while not everyone in our family reads, the reading gene has not missed a generation of folks loving the written word.

However, now I have my Kindle and I haven't gone to the library. The art books are not so much available yet in Kindle and I just haven't bought any in quite awhile, and it's probably a good thing because it is sooooooooo easy to click and purchase from your little Kindle. Not a good thing I think!

Because of my love of reading I've traveled places I will probably never see, learned about being a better person, learned many homemaking skills, fed my family much tastier meals, dressed better and dressed my family with little money, learned to decorate my home, learned tolerance for others, made some money, been able to converse with ease, grown close to God and His word, developed talents, become wiser to the world and because of reading my world has grown leaps and bounds as I have so many girlfriends, sisters and fellow bloggers all over the world who influence and motivate me.

So now your turn. What did you read as a child and how has it influenced you as an adult?


  1. I never read this, Mollye, but I did love to read as a child. I think my favorite book I read as a young child was PIPPY LONGSTOCKING. I also loved my sister's books. She had all of the Uncle Wiggly books. He was a rabbit. And I liked the Psalms and biographies of great people (Clara Barton, George Washington, etc.), which I still enjoy. I memorized all of the stories in my Nursery Rhyme /Fairytale book before I read, and my mother would try to skip around but get caught. I would catch her every single time, and she would have to change books. ;-) Oh, and I loved all of the Golden Books as a small child.



  2. By skip around, I mean skip parts of a story. ;-)

  3. Well, I have a love of all books. Every week when my Mum took us grocery shopping, she bought my brother and I each one book. So I can't really say that I can pick just one. Although Charlotte's Web did seem to have a lot of dog eared pages. I'm happy to say that I carried on the tradition with our sons and they too have a great love of reading.


  4. I have always loved reading! As a child I carried books around and made everyone read to me and if they skipped pages, I knew and made them go back! I always have a book, always! Libraries are a favorite and I have used them all my life. As a young reader I love Nancy Drew and the Little House Books! I mostly read fiction and I'm very eclectic in my choices. I am resisting a Kindle, I like a real book!

  5. When I was in 2nd grade my teacher took about 10 minutes each day to read to the class. One of the books she read to us was "The Boxcar Children". My how I love that book. Honestly, I don't remember another book she read to us, only that one. I read it to my kids too when they were little.

    My dad was a reader as were most of his 13 brothers and sisters, but then, they grew up during the depression and there wasn't much in the way of entertainment back then. One of my uncles memorized a lot of poetry and he would always entertain us by reciting "The Village Blacksmith" or "Casey at Bat" or any number of other poems.

    I developed the love of reading from them and my excellent elementary school teachers. My husband is also a reader. Our son is a reader and reads to his 4 children every night. Unfortunately our daughter didn't develop as much of a love as reading as we did. She was always too busy. However she is faithful in reading the newspaper front to back - all of it - everyday. Her children also read the newspaper and always know the latest news however they aren't much in the way of reading books. I hope that at least one of our son's children catch the reading bug.

  6. Do you know the set of turquoise blue Bible story books? Mom and Daddy bought them when I was in second grade, and I plowed straight through all ten. They had beautiful illustrations, and I remember gazing at them, wondering what the children in them were thinking, wanting to be as lovely as the picture of Queen Esther, as good and kind as Dorcas....

    I think they made an idealist out of me, and set me on a path of loving people. I also think they wee probably a huge influence on me regarding the art in children's books: The art HAS to be good, or I'm not taking it home.


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