Friday, June 4, 2010

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ...... Or What's In Your Bedroom?

PEOPLE ... so complex we are.

You are and I am. I'm really a girly girl. But I'm also an Earth Momma. A Queen but also a Prairie hard as nails type ole gal.

A diamond.

Sometimes still unpolished. In the rough.

And again can be as Sparkly and multi-faceted as any.

I yearn for this bedroom. The plush, lush, comforting feel and look of simple elegance

But am also drawn to and feel connected to the plain, rustic, no-nonsense down to earth found here

Buuuuuuuuuut............... I am just one. One of a pair to share the bedroom. The bed. The domain. I have a partner. His name is Mike. He's my hubby, my friend, my soul mate and the love of my entire life and I also refer to him as Punkin Darlin. And he too is a multi-faceted type guy. OK not as much as we females tend to be, but he is passionate about his hobbies and his personality reflects who he is too.

This is my Punkin's thing..........

And he does this for a living................

So THIS my sweet friends is what is in OUR bedroom. I was not gutsy enough to show individual pictures of our bedroom before the daily chores were accomplished. Instead I have compiled them into three little collages. And I shake my head and ask "How did this happen" to a girly girl?????????????? Big ole bra hanging on the seldom used treadmill and toofie choppers in plain sight on top of the dresser and hair.....looking like an indian raid for scalps during the night. Oh and don't miss the little femme touches like dollies, bling bling, antlers with hats hanging over pixie and fairies and the bigger than life ever growing prescription cabinet!

But do I clear it out? NOOOOOOOOOPE of course not. I keep adding stuff to it. If I have an inch of space somewhere something else goes there.It long ago gave up trying to emote a theme. The only theme for OUR bedroom is "hurryupcramitinanshuthedangdoor".The one laugh I get in the whole mess however is in thinking of the day I do meet my demise and my kids and hubs have to go in and clear out and boy oh boy will they have their hands full and have chuckles and headaches and something to gab about!!!

And now to move on. Nothing changes until something changes but at least I gave IT a voice today!

I name it Dignified, Simplified, Horrified Chaotic Clutter!


  1. I'm glad to see someone else has a need to collect and fill those empty corners in her bedroom..
    My kids always said they will just bring in a dumpster and fill it up..Ha! Hope they look good before they past husband always said that they would have a treasure hunt when I pass.

  2. Oh Mizz Mollye!! I just LOVED this!! You are so funny and so...dare I say "brave" for sharing your pictures with us?? It sure makes me feel better, too, because sometimes the clutter just begins to take on a life of its own, doesn't it?

  3. P.S. Love the new look of your blog! You are so gorgeous in your photos!!

  4. I love your post Mollye!!Its honest and heartfelt and it touches a cord with all of us!My mother would always tell me.."each person is like a universe,full of feeling and emotion"..most of which we never get to see.I am always honored to see a bit of that and today I saw it with you.Warmest Regards,Cat

  5. I would so love to have a bedroom just like the first photo but it is just not meant to be for me.

    We have so many interests and it is definitely displyed in our bedroom. From my scrapbooks to my American Girl and Fancy Nancy dolls to things I had as a child to family photos, not to mention a big screen tv, computer and my husband's things. I'm sure you can imagine what our bedroom looks like.

  6. So fun, so true!!
    I am always saying I want my bedroom to be a respite, clean, clutter free. But somehow when I get a few inches away from that being a reality, my bedroom gets all the overflow from the house!!! Where do I store this??? The bedroom of course!! :)

    Maybe one day, may not!!

  7. Ohmygoodness, I busted out laughing when I got to hurryupcramitinandshutthedoor! That's what I do, too. But I'm lucky--there's a space between the far wall and the bed where I can dump things, and they can't be seen unless you come ALL the way into the room and look!

    Okay. Now you've done it. I'm going to take pictures of our room and post them!

  8. My husband knows whos blog I am reading when he hears me laughing out loud in my office....YOURS! You are so funny.
    I love your blog :)


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