Saturday, June 5, 2010


I love summer because I don't have to fix my hair. In the pool, out of the pool. Off to town it just doesn't matter. Comb it back, put it in a pony tail and I'm off! But what about the guys.


M is for the Man who wears hair on his face
U is for the Unique way he lives
S is for the Styly way he jives the place
T is for the Tickley kiss he gives
A is for the Articulate manner in which he speaks
C is for his Corned beef & hash
H is for his Hair growing from cheek to cheek
E is for his Erotic.....manly.....mustache
(Kristi Berg)

And now a few staches on parade!

No Way but he does have friendly eyes

Absolutely Not. I would not be able to tolerate a man who spends ten times more time on his face than I do my hair!

Whoa Nellie..... it's ALL good here

Are those things growing or are they glued on

Uh.....maybe. Nice Pearly Whites

ditto. See number 2, ya know the very squirrely one with all the cork screws on his mug

Yikes Dippity Do anyone?

Oh yeah. I'm just sayin. Say it ain't so Sam

And I never gave any thought to these little mugs but they are designed for guys with mustaches cause it keeps the drips off the lips doncha know.

But this is my Favorite of all. I When I met Punkin he had this beautiful mustache and it was love at first bite. whoops. I mean first sight!

Awwwwwwwwwww...this was when we had our marriage convalidated in the church on March 6 of this year. Wheeee.......two anniversaries to celebrate!

What about the guy in your life. Clean shaven or facial hair. Which do YOU like best?


  1. What a great collection of mustaches!!! You brought back a LOT of memories when you mentioned "Dippety Do"!!! Thanks so much for your blog visit! Hugs, Terri

  2. I can't even believe the corkscrews! Goodness. I mean, good grief.

    DH has a mustache. Can't imagine him without it. He used to have a beard, and I liked that, too. I think I'd like anything he had, just cuz it was him. =o)

  3. OMG sweetie...this gave me a good chuckle :D
    my hub has a smooth, clean shaven face...
    but my HEART belongs (yearns) for that Johnny Depp...gorgeous man...
    hey, thought of you while i was @ the Adam GLAMbert concert...if he comes to your area be sure to go :D

  4. let me be honest here: johnny depp is killer, with or without any facial hair. simply yummy, that young man!

    sam elliot? also yummy, in a totally different way.

    kinda like chocolate cake and pecan pie. so very different, but both delicious! :-)

    my sweet hubby has a "barely-there" mustache which i adore. it's more of a clark gable 'stache. or in other words, peach cobbler! heh heh

    terry lee

  5. Oh my goodness what a variety . .. some good . .. some creepy!!
    Although Sam Elliot can have any ole kind he wants and he's still a heart throb to me :-)
    Your hubby is so handsomee and you make such a cute couple! Congrats on 2 anniversaries!!
    My guy has what I call just a plain old stash!
    Thanks for the smiles!

  6. For me I prefer my husband clean shaven although many men do look nice with facial hair. Sam, for instance.

  7. Well, my DH had a no facial hair to speak of when I fell in love with him - he was 16yrs old. Although when we officially started dating he had a mustache which has since become a beard. A love it! And yes, for me a I love a pony tail or twisting it up in a big knot.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. I got a man with a hairy works for me....

    I also wanted to pop by and say Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful package that I received from your giveaway....I just love the collage you made, the doll is just so fabulous and I love the book too...I am not a hand sewer so I wondered if you mind if I pass on the candlewicking to someone who will love and enjoy it? it is so beautiful and I wont do it justice...Thanks again so much.......Melinda

  9. Hello you love! George once had a moustache, but I prefer him without one. I love the Johnny Depp pic, he he! Of course Mollye, you have the best one of all! You make such a lovely couple! Happy Monday! Suzie xxxx

  10. Love it! You two are so sweet.

    And I love Johnny Depp... is he the cutest and SO talented!

    Mr. Magpie has a mustache, too!




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