Monday, June 28, 2010


girl you better slow that mustang down!

Today is Monday June 28 and the first day of the rest of my life. I am alive! I have felt dead since my son was accidentally shot and killed the 17th of this month. But I now know I am not dead and neither is he. He just lives somewhere else now. He lives in Heaven and I live on earth. I don't know when we'll get together but someday we will and what a beautiful day that will be. But until then all mothers want their children to be happy and his joy surpasses happiness. And all children want their mommas to be happy and this is what I will strive for, a little at a time each day. This is not to say I will not fall apart the next moment but I am grateful for each moment of peace and hope of healing I get.

There are not enough words to adequately thank all of you for your comments, well wishes, support and love. You have helped our family beyond understanding. We have gained strength from your prayers.

I'm trying to "meet" the new Sorority Sisters who joined up with Some Days Are Diamonds but geesh there are lots of us!!! And for all my bloggy sisters and friends from before my world came apart I have not even begun to personally contact you but please know I will.

Many of you know that Punkin Darlin and I had our dream vacation planned since January for Boston and were set to leave tomorrow. We have cancelled our trip but we are getting out of "Dodge" for a bit!

We are driving down to south Louisiana over to Port Arthur Texas and back east on the coast line of Louisiana and back up Lafayette and on up to home. We will get away to different surroundings and just be together away from home for a few days. We plan to return home on July 5.

And why the Mustang you ask.................. Well it belongs to baby girl Shari and she graciously is letting us drive it on our trip. I tell you sisters nothing quite like a death puts things into perspective.

This car is her pride and joy and no one I said NO ONE drives "miss tang" but her, but now she says "It's just a thing". and she had the car detailed, filled up with petrol and left a hundred dollars on the dash for "just in case" and said "I want you two cute little old folks to get in this mustang and have the time of your lives, you gotta turn on the AC, roll the windows down, let your pony tail fly, momma and rev up the engine.........and uh by the way............miss tang don't like to travel less than 75 miles an hour"! So my Punkin Darlin, somewhat the ole rocker dude he is will be jammin and mizmollye will be smilin and if anythign we'll probably get a few tickets by driving too slow!

So I have many many details to attend to before leaving very early Wednesday morning and girls I have to tell you, my phone does not take pictures, and we have no laptop, so I will do it the old fashion technical way. I will keep up with our adventures by handwriting in my journal, take pictures with my Canon point and shoot, and download them when I get back on my desktop and then I will share with you our gettaway!

Until then, happy trails... keep smiling...and remember God Loves You and so does Mizmollye!


  1. Mollye, I wish you wonderful travels in Miss Mustang!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Oh my wonderful Miz. M. what a blessing your have been to me. Your faith and strength is one big thing of beauty along with your beautiful face and your sharing. Be safe and enjoy. I love you and Punkin Darlin both.

  3. Mizmollye, I am so sorry to hear about your son (I'm new here, so just heard.

    It does sound like you and your loved ones have been learning all about a healthier perspective of life through all your tears.

    Hope you enjoy your few days away.

  4. Well, RIDE MOLLYE RIDE!!!! And have a great time in Texas and Lousiana and LET YOUR PONY TAIL FLY!

  5. Good Morning Sweet Mollye...
    You and Punkin Darlin have the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE. Let that wind blow your hair, and your Punkins moustache, and remind you that you are alive. Enjoy this special time together. I wish I could be in the back seat smelling the wonderful air too.

    Honey I have thought of you each day and prayed for you. I bet your sweet boy will be touching you with rays of sun from heaven as he beams at the two of you reliving your youth in Miz Tang herself. God Bless your sweet girl for giving you this wonderful gift of love. A memory for you and Punkin for many years to come.

    Have a wonderful trip sweet girl. I will be watching for pictures. I can't wait.

    I am still under lock and key. I go back to the doc July 9th. I hope to be released then. I am working from home for now. I am so thrilled to be doing something. I have been going stir crazy. It is allowing me to sleep at night.

    I am sending you many hugs sweetie and much love. We will talk soon. All my love...Sherry

  6. Hi Mollye! It's so good to read your newest post. You are truly an inspiration to me....and to many, many others. I feel privileged to have "met" you! Your trip sounds fabulous! And yes, how sweet of your daughter to let you borrow Miss Tang!! Woo-hoooo!! Have a wonderful time!

  7. Hi Mollye, so glad you are going on this little trip. It will be good for you. Thinking of you and knowing you are happy in this moment is wonderful!

  8. So happy you will be able to get away for a few days. Have fun and enjoy. I will continue in prayer for your healing. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  9. dear mizmollye girl,

    please allow me to join the others in wishing you and punkin darlin a safe and joyous journey in miss 'tang! godspeed, my friend. godspeed!

    thanking and praising the Lord for His healing mercies. may He continue to blanket you with His comfort and love. and may your blessed jake smile down upon you all the days of your life.

    love and hugs,
    terry lee

  10. I hope you have the time of your life.

  11. Mollye, may you both have a wonderful time together. Sharing the joys, comforting each other in the sorrows, remembering precious times with your son. I love how God enables us to grieve. That it ebbs and flows. A change of pace and surroundings will be good.

    much love,

  12. How lovely of Shari! She is right, it is a thing, but You will enjoy driving Miss tang! I wish you the best time... it will do you both the wrold of good! I expect to hear all about it. Have a wonderful time Mollye. I will be in the back seat! I wish! :) Suzie xxx

  13. Mis Tang for MizMollye! You've got an awesome daughter there, and I'm betting she didn't just lick that up off that sidewalk!

    I'll miss you, along with all your other adoring friends, but if anyone deserves to get out of Dodge it is you and your Punkin. I'm smiling for you, and picturing that ponytail whipping in the wind while other places fill your eyes and minds. Be well, and as Daddy used to say, "Take your time going, but hurry back!"

  14. Oh Mollye, I just now read your comment. I'm so behind on responding and commenting. Honey, I'm just amazed at your strength (but isn't it just Jesus filling us up?) My heart goes out to you in this time of grief, but you are doing the best thing, taking a few days away, and how wonderful that your generous daughter is making this fun trip in the mustang possible.
    hugs and blessings to you, dear. See you when you get home. Have a wonderful time!!

  15. Mollye; I am just reading (and crying) about Jake. I am so very sorry for your lose. It sounds like Jake was a wonderful young man and that he loved our Lord, I think he was perhaps perfect, and God said he did not need to be here anymore because he had become a diamond. Unlike the rest of us chunks of coal that still need refining. I pray your trip will be healing.
    Thank you for visiting me and I look forward to getting to know you.
    May God give you peace and comfort, healing your hurts.

  16. Happy trails to youuuuuu .... 'til we meet again!

  17. Have a great trip. I am so touched by what Shari did for you. I love how family gathers around you when it's needed.

  18. Get out of Dodge - have fun - let the wind blow your hair - and enjoy the car. Have a great time. sandie

  19. Keeping you in my heart and prayers, enjoy your mini vacation, be safe......:-) Hugs

  20. Oh my, I can just see it already, you and Punkin Darlin racing down the highway in Miss Tang. No way those cops are going to be be giving you any tickets. They will have to catch you first :) You are going to have a wonderful time as Jake would like you to have. See you when you return.

  21. Let's roll the windows down, turn the radio up let the wind blow
    through our hair Love is reckless let's get reckless tonight

    Verse 1:
    There ain't nothin' out here but a big ol' Texas sky
    There's a red sun painted across the coming night
    Well, your daddy's got plans for you
    and mine thinks I'm at school
    They say it's reckless to chase a dream
    but this town's got nothing for you and me

    Let's roll the windows down, turn the radio up
    let the wind blow through our hair
    There's a moon tonight and a road outside, baby
    we're gettin out of here.
    I could care less where it leads us
    Love is reckless let's get reckless tonight

    Verse 2:
    Let's take my Thunderbird and leave tonight,
    I'll keep the pedal to the floor till we see the morning light.
    They can't live our lives for us,
    If we let them we'll lose our love.
    And love dies hard in this Texas sun,
    I'd rather be reckless and on the run

    Now Miz Mollye you and your honey can take this Reckless song by Alabama and sing it to your hearts content! Just change the Thunderbird to Mustang and you two kids will have fun! God Bless! Anne

  22. Mollye as usual you have made me smile! I wish you the best get away ever and your daughter is an angel :) Have fun in that Tang and if you get a ticket so what. (I meant a speeding ticket :) )

    Love you Miz Mollye!!


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