Thursday, June 3, 2010


Enjoying a southern yard before the spoils ...

Officially summer has not arrived but in Louisiana you would not believe it as we're nearing triple digit numbers expected this weekend. Before long the heat will win out and the grass now lush and green will wilt and die, turning brown, crisp and ugly. The flowers now bright and healthy will drop and turn. So we bear the heat, the mosquitoes and the humidity to revel in the beauty of God's handiwork of which we toil to experience. We feel the tranquility and the serenity found at dusk when the traffic has stopped and the neighborhood begins to wind down.

The swing promises a nice place to sit and think, to enjoy an occasional breeze with a glass of icy lemonaid

and the flag proudly waves with Uncle Sam protectivly keeping company.

I did a bit of reading searching for a nice poem for my flowers and learned that Emily Dickinson was as known for her love of gardening as she was for her poetry.

A Sepal -- Petal -- And A Thorn
By Emily Dickinson

A sepal -- petal -- and a thorn
Opon a common summer's morn --
A flask of Dew -- A Bee or two --
A Breeze -- a'caper in the trees --
And I'm a Rose!

She wrote most of her poetry sitting at a small desk. She would go out to visit her brother and sister-in-law next door, come back, and then light a lamp in the window to let them know she had returned.

Dickinson rarely left the estate — she did not even attend her father's funeral in 1874. The garden, and the path between the two houses — in Dickinson's words, "just wide enough for two who love," according to Rothman — was her entire world.

She used to bring her niece Maddy to her room and she would close the door and lock it, and say, 'This is freedom,' And so she really felt that when she was in her room and she was looking out along the wooded path between her family homes, that she was free.

Her current exhibition concludes in the Botanical Garden's library, where objects from Dickinson's life are on display — including the white cotton dress she wore even while gardening. She always kept a poem she was working on in the pocket of the dress.

I like to think that if we have in some small way made the earth smile today we have achieved something wonderful.


  1. Beautiful garden mosiac!! I never have been a fan of Dickinson. I have the books but just never got to like her work.....
    Nice Post!

  2. How interesting to know about Emily's pocket and her expression of freedom. More than that, to know a deeper Mollye. My admiration continues. Beautiful mosaic and flag picture...lovely post.

  3. What a wonderful post! And your flower mosaic is gorgeous!

  4. Oh, my - a blue hydrangea. How gloriously beautiful! Your other flowers are very lovely too. Heat is upon us to in northeastern Oklahoma. Saturday we're supposed to reach close to 100 degrees.

    If I'd try gardening in a white dress it wouldn't be white for long. I enjoyed reading about Miss Dickinson. Interesting facts.

  5. great post! love your new blog candy!! I wish I knew how to mosaic...probably have to have an acct on a site to do it.

  6. It is very Hot were I live also! I like warm weather but maybe not this warm. Your yard looks lovely. I hope you have a good breeze for your flag .

  7. What a beautiful garden, love that you have a flag flying! Oh and your hydrangeas are awesome! I am happy that I found my way to your blog, it's great!


  8. I'm with you, Mollye. The heat is stagnating my creativity and hurting my garden. Yours is lovely, though. And that swing looks like it's the perfect place to be. I'm off to sit under my AC and listen to your list of tunes.

  9. Is that your garden Mollye, it is beautiful! I can't believe the heat, I don't think I could bare it! My internal thermostat is wonky as it is!
    I love the detail about Emily DIckinson putting the poem she was working on in her pocket. Just makes her mor human and approachable somehow! I love the above poem! and I'm a rose! Big love from me to you! Suzie xxxx

  10. I been tied up with family things and having to do some back tracking now. I love the new look of your blog. I change mine sometimes more than once a day. I am happy just playing and learning to use all the gadgets. I agree about the flowers, ironically we are getting dry, after all the rain, can't believe it. Blessings to you.

  11. Your yard looks beautiful and YOU ARE a ROSE!


  12. Greetings Mollye,

    Don't you find it amazing how the world when left alone is a perfect flow of creation. Where it wanes in one place it waxes in another. By July you have lost the beautiful early bloom that follows your dry/harvest seasons. For us July bring the rains. Our little corner of the world busts into the most beautiful blooms!! :)

    Thank you for stopping by mi casita for a lovely vist!! I'm not sure how you stumble into my little block of Bloglandia but I'm so glad you did!! :) Although our dreams were different and the roads we traveled are different we both seem to have arrived to the same place in our lives. We are living the dream we work so hard for and believed in so deeply in!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  13. Mollye love the garden photos.

  14. What beautiful blooms, Its sad they don't last longer. Enjoy them while you can.
    Such a lonely life Emily must have had. To only travel next door. I suppose her writing took her all over the world.

  15. What a lovely spot of garden you have there Miz Mollye! And the bit of Emily history was an enjoyable read! Many June blessings to you dear!

  16. Your garden looks so lovely. I would love to sit in your swing and watch the sun go down.



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