Friday, June 4, 2010


Will we ever learn the truth? Probably not in our lifetime.

December 26, 1996 we were shocked senselessly into the murder of a beautiful little girl from Boulder, Colorado.

We all knew the news, the accounts, the investigative blunders, accusations, blame and grew sick and tired of knowing so much about this family but not knowing who had taken this child's life.

Her mother dying without ever knowing that in all the public scrutiny over the years that finally she and her husband had been exonerated of the crime.

Since that event in history I cannot bear to see Pagentry for Children in the same light. I believe they are so wrong on many levels and I wonder if indeed such instant growing up of this precious girl led to her demise.

The parents and supporters of such events have such eloquent reasons for substantiating pagent involvement and we just seem to either be For them or Dead Set Against them, but is there anything ultimately we can do to make a change. I think not. Is it just as simple as a mother living vicariously through her child. Someone probably with a lower level of self worth and seeing the admiration passed from an adoring public to HER child? I don't know.

I just know that when I see the little girls which are so beautiful in their little girl, innocent, childlike natural beauty becoming a miniature sex object it disturbs me. It makes me sad and I feel ashamed of the adults who are involved in this.

I try to not be a "holier than thou" person because I am no better than anyone else and have no reason or right to judge anyone. I just find this as so many other things I view as a phenomena to be so fascinating. And something I truly do not understand.

To me a little girl, a little boy is just little for such a short and sweet time. And then they become adolescents and teens and then young adults, and then adults and looking back at that thing called childhood......Why where ever did it go. It was so fleeting.

This says Refreshing and not just in lemons!

For additional news and reading into the case there is a very nice website at Welcome to Remembering Jon Ben'et.


  1. I believe any child under the age of 12 who enters one of these contests/pageants should be interviewed by a child psychologist before the entry process is complete. Even as young as the child may be, s/he still has the right to decide about his/her level of participation. If a child wants to do this and hasn't been brainwashed by the parents, they I say it great. If the child is hesitant, or a bit uncomfortable, s/he should not be allowed to participate. Just my six cents worth (inflation is up).

  2. I like you Mollye, am not at all a holier than thou person, and really do try hard not to judge others. But! When I see little girls like this, dressed up and made up to look so much older than their years, it makes my skin crawl a bit, I do find it disturbing. It just doesn't sit well with me at all. Children are only children for such a short time, they will get the chance to look like sexy adults when they grow up! I can't make my mind up whether they are supposed to look adult or like those china dolls? Either way, I just don't like it! I find it slightly unnatutal. But this is just the way it makes me feel. As I was sexually abused as a child, Maybe this is why I get such strong feelings about it. It is one subject where I seem to have a set opinion, which I try not to have, but its perhaps more a feeling than an opinion which I have. Have a happy weekend Mollye my lovely friend... very interesting and thought provoking post! Suzie xxxxxx

  3. I believe this type of exhibitionism is child abuse...pure & simple. These parents are abusing the children just a much as if they were beating them. As for who killed her???? I can't for the life of me understand why it hasn't been solved. I think someone knows somewhere other than the killer......
    It will go into the history books along with who really was behind the Kennedy assination & the death of Marilyn Monroe......

  4. Out of curiosity I have watched a few of these childrens pageants on TV and I am appalled at what the parents do to their children. Tanning, make up, hair extensions, flappers(fake teeth to cover missing or misaligned teeth...really) and the bribes to get these little girls to 'perform' just awful. I saw one Mom who didn't go for the big dress and make up and It was so refreshing to see a child be a child...of course she didn't win. I think it's awful and that's just my opinion!

  5. You go Girl! I soooooo agree!
    I'm so happy to meet you and I'm so tickled you're joining in with the sorority! I think we'll have a good time!
    Thanks for posting! You don't have to do it today - tomorrow or the next day is just fine!
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you in the months ahead!
    WHoo hooo!
    Have a great weekend! :)
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds


  7. Hi Mollye,
    I agree with you completely. I would never do this to a child.


  8. Children's pageants are just so wrong in my opinion. I saw a news story on tv the other day about a little 4 year old (who still sucked a pacifier) be outrageously rude to her mother (who probably deserved it in the first place for putting the little girl under so much adult stress). The little girl pretty much gets her way ALL the time - and for what - a title and a crown? Excuse me, but what is she going to be like as an adult? It's so terribly sad - because it wasn't the little girl that began putting herself into pageants.

  9. Jon Benet had capped teeth for goodness sakes! The D.A.that handled the case (not very wisely either) did say in his entire career he never did see such a blatant case of child abuse! I am with him all the way. Beauty is far deeper then just glitz and glam! Living in Colorado we got a daily blow by blow every day for several years! Lots of people still joke that if you want to commit a crime do it in Boulder. The politically correct are clueless! My children were small back then and they would cry "Why do we have to see Jon Benet everywhere we go, she died!?" She was everywhere for a solid three years. My late father always said "Only God knows the truth" but I always felt that mother had something to do with it and when the cops tried to five finger the little boy, her brother, I was appalled the parents didn't go kicking and screaming for their kid! He was, after all, still alive! It was the worst media circus I have ever witnessed. Protecting the ultra rich no matter what the cost.


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