Sunday, July 18, 2010


Thank You Debbie Pucci from For Your Tears. Debbie has an awesome ministry for mothers who have lost a child in death. This beautiful hankie will be placed in Jake's Book of Memories to cherish. Please go to Debbies blog and you will be amazed at her story of compassion.

Thank you Deborah Bonner from Deb's Vintage Soul for the beautifully creative little cloche vignette. Deb and I have been blogger friends for about a year and she is so creative and down to earth. What a little work of art she created here for me and I know you all heard me squeeling when I opened the box. I look at it each day and swoon with amazement at the tiny scene. Love you Deborah.

I was asked to tell my "story" to a group last Thursday and just talk about what my life used to be like and what happened to me along the way and just how my life is different today and one of the things I related to the group is that I had very, very few friends when I was younger and that I had always had such a low feeling of myself and when I asked God to be the center of my life my life changed and that I now humbly thank Him daily for the many many women who lift me up and encourage me with their love and support. Thank you Deb and Deb for being there for me and for all of you who continue to offer prayers, words, love, cards, gifts and just your thoughts for our well being. You ROCK!


  1. The story of your son just tears at my heart.....You see we have a son who was born on January 13, 1970 & he was learning disabled.
    He has been in & out of our lives over the years.... But no matter what, he is my first born... my baby boy!
    Love you sweetie & I pray you can cope with your loss.....

  2. Oh dear Mollye, bless you and your family, what a loss! Know are in my thoughts and prayers. The hankie is so very precious and so is the beautiful cloche. You have so very special friends!


  3. Good Morning Sweet Mollye..
    I continue to pray for you to find peace each and every day, and that each day becomes a little easier to face. I do not know your pain, but I do feel your pain, as you are my Sister in love. One day at a time sweet friend. One day at a time.

    I pray you have a blessed day today. It has been so HOT here in the valley, not many people even out there moving around. We saw birds in our dogs pool yesterday, cooling off.

    Loved the hankie for your tears and your cloche is beautiful. Deb and Deb did a gorgeous job.

    Much love to you Mollye and so many hugs around your neck. Love, Sherry

  4. What a beautiful hankie and how appropriate. Such a symbol of the tears you have and will continue to shed. That is a great ministry Debbie is doing there. The beautiful cloche is so special, it makes you smile just to look at it.
    Love to you,

  5. Oh Mollye what wonderful friends you have now. I am so glad your sharing your story, this will help you. Know that you are in my heart and prayers always. Did you get my e-mail, so sorry I was late responding, sending big hugs....:-)

  6. Loving you and all your pain in Jesus name.

  7. Hi Sweet Friend of Mine! I think you are so well loved it will help give you some needed strength when you have those awful bad days. You will remember that your sweet son loved you and all these bloggy friends! I can not think of anyone more kind and deserving of special gifts. Blessings to you and I will visit these kind bloggers as well. Happy week sweet friend! Anne

  8. Hello Hunny! I am so happy that you have all these wonderful friends to give you love and support. These are such lovely gifts and filled with sweet love! Hugs. Suie xxxxxxx

  9. Your very welcome Mollye. I am happy that you liked it. I wish I could do more to take the pain away. ((HUGS))


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