Saturday, July 10, 2010


(This post will continue to be updated and Thanks to all who continue to sign Jake's online book. To do so click on his picture on the left sidebar and you may also post your picture!)

Thank you Sisters for all the beautiful cards you've taken the time to send by snail mail. They have helped lift our spirits and mean so much. They will be preserved in Jake's Memory Book.

From Cathy Minerva

From Mary Freeman

From Toni Curtis

From Linda MacKean

From Deborah Bonner

From Sue McPeak

"Hankie for my tears"

From Suzie Sroka with felted pin

And from Suzie an original "Suzie Sketch"

And for all of you who have clicked on my left sidebar at the top of the page to sign Jake's online Obituary Guest Book. I thank you so much. My son Buddy has paid to keep the guest book online for a full year so many can sign the book and even post photos and then he plans to order it in a hardbound book for me. I will treasure the book and your comments so very much.

Thanks to:
Cathy Minerva
Sheila Magpie
Anitra Cameron
Suzie Sroka
Deborah Bonner
Suzanne Dutcher
Bevie Sams
Peggy Jones
Bernie Wood
Debbi Pucci
Becky Povich
Debbie Hembree

I have received over 350 comments since the death of my son and for me to tell you Thank You would be just such a gross inadequacy and understatement of what they have meant to us. Most of you have not lost a child and for that I am so thankful because I have never known this level of pain in my life but you have cried with me, prayed for us, written sweet words of hope, encouragement and support and you've patiently read my blogs which were probably so depressing to many. Some of you have lost your own child and you have felt my pain as you did your own and you've helped me see what helped heal you.

I've wanted to visit all of you to give you a personal thank you and a virtual hug, but I'm afraid I have lost track of who I've visited and who I haven't as some days I've begun gung ho and have lost all my steam before the day was half over. I want to know each of you and see your bloggy to know what you're up to. Please write me again!!

I see I have made some new friends on my list of followers and I am so delighted and hope you won't give up on me. I have been known to have a decently funny or informative post from time to time and I'm sure I'll get on back to myself before too long.

You see my faith is great. I know Jesus and I know my boy lives with Him so I cannot stay down for too long. I'll be changed and all our lives will be changed but I will be a stronger person and a more loving person because my son Jake taught me that and he would expect nothing less.

I love you all, Mollye

and so does my Punkin Darlin!


  1. Oh Momma, love this post. You are - and we are - all changing for the better....stronger and better. These women have been soooo wonderful to you ; and have comforted us all with their kindness. I love you ! Lori and Shari

  2. Hi Mollye! I'm so glad that I have "met" you through blogging, and I think I recently told you that, too! You are an inspiration to me, and I'm sure to many others. Don't worry about who you "ought" to thank, etc. We all know we are in your heart. Also, we know your funnier posts will return from time to time, and that's okay, too. Just do what's best for YOU and your lovely family! Hugs...

  3. Mollye you are so easy to love. You are someone who has reached out to so many others and shared a part of themselves. Your loss is our loss and I grieve with you. The Lord knows your sorrow and he will give you strength and comfort. I am happy to see you here whenever you feel like it!

  4. What a lovely, beautiful post Mollye. Over the time I have been reading your blog, I have to come to feel very very close to you, and adore you! What a wonderful thank you from you. You are a truly special person, and i admire you for trying to keep strong and have faith. Love you! Suzie xxxxxxxx

  5. Mollye, my son would of been 41 today and I miss him terribly.....knowing he is in heaven and at peace brings me much comfort. Your faith, love and support system will see you through this sweetie, no - life will never be the same but you will survive to help others who grieve. This will take a while my friend, grief comes at us as huge waves and we are not sure when they will hit. Be strong and I am keeping you in my heart and prayers....:-) Hugs

  6. Mollye, you are such a sweetheart! I love you much, and I'm happy that you have so many people who have enveloped you in a circle of love. You and Punkin' Darlin' deserve it.



  7. Wow, what an awesome tribute to you and how much you mean to this blogging community.

  8. Oh, Mollye. Touched to tears by this entry. Sending love afresh.

  9. Mollye

    Your strength amazes me, my sweet friend. Love and gentle hugs continue to come your way.


  10. Addy and I were coming from the store a moment ago and I could yell something was on his mind. I asked and he told me. I blogged about it a moment ago. Nothing will ever make any of this one single bit better. I only pray for three things, that my mother will stay strong and hurt less and less, that in time the terrible void and wound will hurt less, and that some day I will see my Brother again and be with him forever.

  11. This post shows what a quality person you are. Here you are worrying about thanking us for loving you. Through you, we have all learned and grown due to Jake. For sharing your feelings with us, we are the ones who are thankful.

  12. Sending a big ole hug to you & wishing you a creative week

  13. Mollye you are always there for others - now they are here for you. You are a blessed woman.



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