Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Cathedral of St. John Berchmans located in Shreveport, Louisiana is only one of seven catholic churches honoring this saint. Although a cathedral the church is therefore the church of our bishop.

Bishop Michael Duca.

Our priest, Father Peter

Our church has a vigil mass on Saturday evening, an early Sunday mass, one at eleven and again in the evening. We have ten daily masses, including an early morning and one at noon. So you can see we belong to a large church, but it still has a small church feeling.

There is a school on one side which teaches children from ages four through middle school, and another on the other side of the cathedral from middle age through high school. We are a busy church with many opportunities for involvement and a huge outreach program.

In between the church and Loyola Prep is our parish office from where I retired two years ago.

The image of our patron depicts St. John wearing the cassock this patron saint of altar servers would wear as a Jesuit scholastic, while attentively listening and writing in his notebook.

As a young student always eager to learn, John was naturally endowed with a bright intellect and a retentive memory, devoting much time to study. What further distinguished him from his companions was his piety and faith. John performed ordinary actions with extraordinary perfection, purity, obedience and admirable charity.

He is the patron saint of altar servers and an ideal patron for our students who are eager to learn and deepen their faith. St. John Berchmans (1599 - 1621).

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of the church we love and I hope today is a good day for all of you. Much love from mizmollye and punkin!


  1. It's a beautiful church, honey, and I hope you're doing well today.

  2. Catholics have the most beautiful cathedral. My little Mother was Catholic...a lot of my fathers family lived in Shreveport too.

  3. I love your Church! It is gorgeous and I enjoyed hearing the stories! I love it that you have so many options for service times! Gets rid of any excuses:) Pretty much go anytime! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  4. Beautiful cathedral Mollye.....My church is the oldest church in Morinville, St.John the Baptist. Our masses are not near as convenient as yours are though, one Saturday night and one Sunday morning, it is because we don't have enough priest and share the one we do have with several parishes......thank yo for sharing. I should do a post on my church as it is quite beautiful....:-)Hugs

  5. Beautiful cathedral Mollye. I did not know the story of that Saint John. That is a lot of masses to choose from. So glad to see the children so close to the teachings of the church. I know it is anniversary time for Katrina. You look so professional sitting there at the desk. Love ya.

  6. It's beautiful, Mollye. I can see what comfort and joy you'd feel, just being there, even before services began. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Hi Mollye, oh what a beautiful church you belong to. I am not Catholic but I love the feeling when you walk into a Catholic church..we have many friends who are Catholic..thank you for sharing:)


  8. Beautiful ... just beautiful, Mollye.
    For some crazy reason, I get all teary-eyed every time I hear Ave Maria. I think this is one of the neatest versions; what a voice!

  9. What a gorgeous place of worship! I love that cute young priest too! We always had the old retiring padres at my church! LOL! Thanks for sharing. It is just beautiful. Anne

  10. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures! Your church is beautiful! It actually looks a lot like mine, which is also a cathedral.

  11. Beautiful church, Mollye.
    I think we must have the same taste in music. :) I always love the songs you have playing.

  12. Your church is breathtaking. What a beautiful atmosphere to worship.

  13. Hi Mollye. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and information about your beautiful church. I always love learning about my blog friends...especially something like this. And, gosh, I didn't know you worked at your parish office! How cool is that?! I hope you are having as beautiful and serene days as these photos look! Love ya!

  14. What a magnifcent church, I love going in different churches, they always have such a unique calming feeling, big or small! Lovely church that you have there! Enormous hugs to you! Susie xxxx

  15. Mollye, it's so beautiful! I feel peace just seeing it through your pictures.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    And thank you for being such a special, caring friend. Your message to me was so sweet. I hope you're doing well these days and that you know how much you are loved!

    Hugs, Suzanne


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