Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yep I finally got rid of the last crafty thing in my studio. Now it is not a studio. It is a sewing room, a room to solder jewelry; ya know I still love making pendants. And a room to just sit in and rock away my troubles!

It is also the room where Punkin has his clothes closet.Imagine that. Poor guy had to wade through my tangle of creativeness half of which never got completed just to find a clean uniform to wear to work each day.

Many of you have expressed that I may wish I'd kept my supplies. But I think not. Since Jake was killed, I have just not had the first glimmer of desire to create anything out of paint, paper, or anything similar that I had to sit down to and do.

I'm sure some day that will change. But in the meantime the room with all the clutter was making me sick. Making my life unmanageable.

I'm busier now transporting the cancer patients to treatment and my hotline volunteer job with the homeless. I also have doctor appointments, Go to my 12-step meetings, and love to watch my recorded shows on tv, visit my girls and go to lunch and shopping with them, and Shari and I are just beginning a new bible study. So you can see I have plenty to do.

As far as a craft I plan to still do are the little journals. I love to buy the fabric squares, you know the little bundles called Fat Quarters and cover the books with fabrics and I'm for some reason loving making aprons. And I may go back to making the little premie dresses that I used to make and donate to the hospitals for the stillborn babies to be buried in. That was really a rewarding project.

So don't feel sorry or pitiful for me sisters, I am as happy now as I can be under the circumstances and just have moved out of one creative phase into another.

Love you all, Mollye


  1. So freeing to shed the old skin and move on.
    Cheers to you Sister.

  2. Good Morning Mollye Sweetie...
    You know your heart, and you have to do what makes you most happy, and allows you to move forward each day. Doing these things makes your heart "Happy", so you keep right on doing them.

    Sewing is a craft and making aprons would be so much fun. I see you are also considering sewing little preemie dresses, oh sweetie I think that would be just awesome. You have to do what makes you feel blessed.

    I know you are blessed with the transport of the patients and the hotline for the homeless. What a wonderful thing to be doing. They need you, and you know I feel as though you need them.

    Please remember you are SO loved sweetie, so loved. I am sending many hugs and lots of love your way this morning. I can feel your smile sweet girl.

    Love, Sherry

  3. To everything there is a know what is right for you dear Mollye. Love you!

  4. What wonderful things you do for your community. You have found your peaceful place and I wish you all happiness there. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. You are such a sweetie, love you.

  6. Sounds like you are pretty busy without crafting.
    Maybe someday the urge will come back. For now you are doing wonderful things.
    Keep blogging though:)
    Hugs and God Bless You Sweetie

  7. My goodness, I don't see how you ever had time to do any crafting! I did some cleanup in my scrapbook room yesterday and it made a world of difference. I need to get back in there and get it finished up. I can't imagine how wonderful that will feel.

  8. It feels to me like you've let a burden go, somehow, taken all that off your shoulders, to help you bear up under this present sorrow. One less thing to deal with, and an invitation in the new spareness to move forward when you're ready.

    Sending love....

  9. You are such a gem. I really am proud to know you and call you my sister! You are one busy girl. I need to get a tutorial on those journals from you. I am going to try to decorate some for gifts. Also I am not a great seamstress but want to sew some aprons for the holidays so I think my friend Alyn will have to come direct me. I should send you an em ail or I will use all your comment section here! Love You! Anne


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