Sunday, September 19, 2010


Am I dreaming?
Is it really almost September 20?
Have I slept for a few weeks?

Seriously my head feels foggy, fuzzy and a little off kilter like I've been sleeping and missed part of my life. I realized this evening that the month is almost over and I rushed over to visit some of you as I've been more than a little remiss in stopping by to see what you're up to and to even say Hi. I apologize.

Seems as if I've been doing lots of that lately. I feel like I've been a bit of a "taker" rather than a "giver". I've sat by idly doing whatever it is I've been doing and letting you all visit me without my reciprocating. Sometimes I feel as if I should dismantle by blog because it seems as if I cannot keep up, and then I think that I cannot do that because I will surely lose touch with you and then my life may unravel and I would come undone.

I had a productive day today though. I've been making some needed changes around the house and painted our old wood dining room table, chairs, shelves and end tables and re=upholstered the chair cushions. Next up is a new table cloth and floral tie-on cushions for the chairs. THEN I'll make some pictures and show you! Ironing and Football along with some Church time completed the good day. Punkin even went out and bought the week's groceries. Love it when he does that!

My little daughter Shari has been reading the sweet and uplifting comments you've given to my son Buddy at his blog and her heart is warmed and she wants me to help her "build her a bloggy"! I will give you the link when we get it going. I tell you sisters, our family is NEEDY these days with the death of our Jake, Buddy's impending marriage failure, and two of my oldest grandsons who are in a very dangerous and dark place and of course their mommas who are Lori and Shari, my girls are dealing with so much heartache that they just need some love and there is no love greater than you girls have to share. HOWEVER, there is some very good and wonderful news to share with you, but you will have to hear it from Shari as it is her place to do so before me blabbing about it!

Just want you all to know I love each and every one of you and think you just ROCK!
Another little positive thing I am doing is beginning a new prayer journal and I would be most honored to pray for someone I do not know, so please send me your prayer requests and I promise to remember them to our Lord.

'yall have yourselves a great week! Love, mizmollye and punkin darlin!


  1. Mollye!I was so glad to hear from you. Sweet girl I hope you can feel my hugs and feel the comfort of my prayers. I pray for you everyday. I don't know why life has to be so hard but. I know Heaven is a wonderful place and God holds our hand if we will let Him as we walk through this world. Love,

  2. Great post Mollye
    Hey you know I was on Earth Gaia today and had no idea you make dolls. They are so cute !! You are an amazing women.
    Love ya Mollye :)

  3. Sounds like a very busy and productive day. Can't wait to see photos of your new table and chairs, and to get the good news about your daughter. It's about time you had some!

  4. My goodness. I'm tired just reading all the things you've been doing. I'm looking forward to your daughter's blog premiere.

  5. Oh my friend! I am so happy to see that you have some positiveness in your life! You are such a sweetheart! Some of us have more time to blog than others! I am retired and sit with coffee in the mornings to blog and last thing in the evenings! You are a precious friend and I am sending you and your sweet family hugs and prayers!

  6. Well I'm happy you've taken the time to do things for yourself and become a receiver for awhile. I think your'e an inspiration, to go through so much and still think of us bloggers. I'll be sending you some prayer requests!

  7. Mollye I'm just happy to read your one can visit every follower to leave a least I can' I retract that statement and speak for myself...

    I know when my family goes thru the ups and downs of daily living I want to focus on them, but then I, like you, get TIRED and I pull on my blogger sistahs to refresh...

    You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers and I'm so glad to see you pop up on my reading list...

    HUGS ~victoria~

  8. I am tired reading all this! Whew! You are going to be one busy girl! Love and hugs to you and Punkin! Have a blessed day! Anne

  9. Oh Mollye you are such a sweet and inspiring person. I will gladly visit your sweet girl - just let me know when she's up and ready!

    Your and your family are always in my prayers!

  10. Hello Mollye!
    I just love your sparkling personality and your uplifting words of faith. For someone who has been through so much you continue to give so much to all of us. That's why we love you. Don't worry about getting around to see everyone, we won't forget you and we know that you have much on your plate.

    I'm glad that you are painting your diningroom furniture. It's good to change things up a bit at the homestead! LOL.


  11. Well... Hello miz Mollye! Good to see your fonts! Wow, you have got a lot of things done. You just keep on keeping on sweetie. I just started reading "90 minutes in Heaven" it's a good read. I just started reading it and can't put it down. If ya need an ear, let me know. I'm here for ya.


  12. Well... Hello miz Mollye! Good to see your fonts! Wow, you have got a lot of things done. You just keep on keeping on sweetie. I just started reading "90 minutes in Heaven" it's a good read. I just started reading it and can't put it down. If ya need an ear, let me know. I'm here for ya.


  13. LOL, ya got extra love from me!

  14. Sometimes life is hard and the road is all uphill for a spell ... just hold on to the fact that God is always with you and He knows exactly what you're going through and how you feel. You may not be able to feel His presence but I read a song once that said "when you can't feel His Hand, trust His Heart". God has a heart of love of all of us and He has a good plan for our lives to do us good and bring us hope and a future (Jer 29:11).

    Blessings on your day, Ann

  15. Sending a big old hug your way ... sweet dreams, sweet Mollye.

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