Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My little daughter Shari just got her blog up and running and I just can't wait for all of you to meet her and for her to get to know you. She has kept up with many of you who have commented on mine and Buddy's blogs following the death of Jake and she was inspired to start blogging after seeing how close we all can be through cyber land. So please go by and visit her at She Openeth Her Mouth. I'm so proud of her and I just think she's a Hoot!

AND She's just about ready to share some BIG news from her homefront!!


  1. Thanks , I can't wait to meet her. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thanks my friend, I'll go welcome her to bloggyland! HUGS!

  3. I have visited Shari and I am going to enjoy knowing her just like I enjoy my friendship with you! You have an amazing family. Her blog is wonderful and I like that blog header she has! Both Shari and Buddy are writing from their heart and that is so cool. They are so genuine, just like you! Hugs Anne

  4. Hi Sweetie, I am back and have been wondering how you have been. Hope all is well. Am off to read your daughter's blog......:-)Hugs

  5. Just visited Shari's blog. Told her she has a cool creative mother. Thinking of you dear Mollye!

  6. girl, if she's anything like her mama, i'm gonna love reading her blog! in fact, i'm already quite impressed with her blog name! hahahaha!! my kinda gal! :)

    terry lee

  7. Hello Miz M. I have been remiss in visiting my buddies lately. As you see I am busy with Christmas gifts and my daughter and her family were so sick with the stomach flu had to help out some. Hope I don't get it. I am going to to meet your dear daughter. I know we will all love her.
    Thanks dear sista for your kind comments. Love ya

  8. Dropped by to say Hi to your daughter. Hope you are having a good day.


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