Monday, October 18, 2010



I was tagged by Denise of Shortybear's Place to answer 4 questions, then I pick 4 bloggers to answer 4 new questions. Here are the 4 questions:

1)Favorite woman of the Bible? Ruth

2)Favorite season? Spring

3)Favorite cookies? Oatmeal Raisin

4) Do you chew gum? Not since I got my lower partial toofies

I am Tagging...............Shari, Anitra, Deborah, Kim

Here are your questions:

1. Favorite Bible Story:

2. A WOW moment in your life:

3. Something you'd like to do better:

4. Favorite snack food:


  1. I like Ruth, too, Mollye, and I also like Mary, the sister of Martha, who was always listening to Jesus and open to Him. I don't chew gum either, love spring, but my fave cookies are chocolate chip! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  2. Love you answers! I love oatmeal raisin too and don't chew gum except at Church:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  3. Hi Miz M. those were interesting things to find out about you. I love Rachel of the Bible she was my idea of a worried mother who suffered much with all those children and then died giving birth to Benjamin. I have a daughter named Rachel because of her story. Blessings.

  4. I think Jesus' Mom Mary is my favorite. Since I've loss a son I can not even imagine what she when through.

  5. I think I'd choose Mary, the mother of Jesus too. On another note, have you read "Bad Girls of the Bible" by Liz Curtis Higgs? I was part of a Bible study several years ago and this was the book we used. While I wouldn't choose oatmeal raisin cookies as my most favorite of all, they're right up there on my list.

  6. Thanks for playing along, enjoyed your answers.

  7. Great answers! and yummy on the oatmeal raisin! Tamar is one of my favorites in the bible, she was a woman not willing to give up.


  8. Love your answers Mollye! Are you still on FB? Love to you. Susie xxx

  9. Love your answers! Ruth has always been a favorite of mine, too, along with Dorcas and Esther. (I always wanted to be like Dorcas, but never realized how organized I'd need to be!)

    I'm off now to answer my set--thanks for tagging me!

    (We have the same favorite season, but different favorite cookies. =oD )

    Sending love, as always.

  10. I love oatmeal cookies too with raisins.. My absolute favorite. Sorry I don't do tags or awards but this one looks like fun!!


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