Saturday, October 23, 2010


Blessings can be found behind every sorrow.

Hey everyone, I have missed you but my absence from visiting your bloggys does not reflect that does it?

I'm not real big on making excuses, but I do have one or two. tee hee

For one thing, my mind is still not working properly. In other words I am still a little "spacey" and easily distracted and not one hundred percent yet, but nonetheless I do think of you and offer you up in my prayers.

Pretty soon I will reach that 400th post and get my Basket of Blessings off to a randomly drawn blogger sister and I'm having fun selecting things to go in the basket, but will wait to get most of the things until I can know where it is going.

I don't know how it is in your families, but in ours............this has been quite a year for unpleasantness...and tragedies...and a whole rash of unexpected sorrows.
And it seems that you can go for years with nothing dramatic in your immediate family then Whoa hits in cycles!

Each of my kids began this year with their individual load of trials, illnesses, heartache and in general stressful situations.

Then Jake died in June.

Then just days after, my daughter Lori's father-in-law had a stroke and was in bad shape for weeks before passing away in July. My daughter was left here for months alone to face many trials including getting over pneumonia. Her husband came back home last night. A blessing.

My youngest daughter Shari's father-in-law went in for heart surgery in July, and it was sucessful. A blessing.

My son Buddy's marriage seemed to be ending and he came home for a visit a few weeks ago and while here interviewed for a very good job and we found a "sweetheart" of a deal on a 20x30 building already finished out and set up as a little "house", so we went immediately and bought it outright for him and he was going to have it moved to land in the country owned by his friends. Well, on his way back to Mobile he learned that his father-in-law had been diagnosed just that day with Multiple Myeloma and is in stage 3. He is still a young man in his fifties and is facing chemo and stem-cell therapy so he needs many prayers.

The good news here is that Buddy and Jessica have decided to give their marriage another try. A blessing.

But therefore he does not need the building. Mike and I have both been so very stressed out because we could not afford to just flush that money down the toilet and to have the building moved such a distance was more than any of us could afford. Another worry. But I heard from the guy last night who we had bought it from that he was going to re-list the building and try to sell it for us so another huge blessing.

On another note, our little dog Toby was becoming fat and lazy and very lonely by himself all day and we decided he needed a playmate, so we found a little Blue Healer mix 5 month old female and named her Tootie and I am in doggie love with her. Toby likes her but she wears him out. It was love at first sight for her and she cannot leave him along. She went to get all "shot up" this morning so he is in the backyard and she is inside being babied today.

Mike has been to the woods only once so far this season because everywhere he looked he was reminded of the times he and Jake were hunting together and he was sad and lonely by himself, but he left yesterday morning to stay all weekend and I hope he can find peace out there and some enjoyment as he dearly loves his hunting.

I deactivated my Facebook as it was causing me some angst and I was spending too much time in front of the computer. I will keep my blog and Jake's Story bloggy too but I will try to get back in the swing of things by setting aside a day or two a week so this weekend I plan to pop in for a visit to all my sisters and say hi.

I love you all and hope your weekend is blessed beyond belief!


  1. Prayers are going up for you, and your precious family. I love you.

  2. I know you've been through so much. Prayers for peace.

  3. Holding you all in my thoughts and prayers! ... and of course(!), looking forward to seeing pictures of your new baby (Tootie)!

  4. I know you have had terrible heartbreak this year. Nothing can cause more pain than losing a child or seeing them hurting. Bless you!

  5. Hi there dear Mollye! I know that having all of those happenings is troubling! I know that Jake's moving to his Heavenly home is so heavy on your heart! It is always hard but to have SO many things going on can make your/my mind just filled with too much! You do whatever you need to do! I am praying for all of you and your family and extended family to have healthier and happier day!

    Love you my friend and I KNOW you love me too:) BIG HUGS!

  6. Sometime life just sucks.....yes it has been a horrible year for you and I totally understand that you need quiet time. Please know you are always in my heart and prayers.......:-) Hugs

  7. Hey MizMollye...I was glad to see your name pop up on my BloggyListin' as I've been thinking about you! What a you said...just a few more months and a whole new one will begin. Let's hope for renewed happiness and harmony in our lives.

  8. Keeping you in my prayers Mollye! It has been a rough year but I know God has blessing for us all.

  9. Just loving you and your sweet family! Pictures! I need pictures of the new puppy! I have been an awfu mess with this moving on my mind. I could write a book about the horrible dumps people want you to rent with good credit and big deposits! But I will just pray. We have to find a decent place. I am happy for Buddy and Jessica. I am glad your daughters are both safe and all is well now. You and Mike are blessed with your puppy and the puppies big sibling! HeeHee. Love to all of you! Watch the mail! I get on my card kicks and you better be ware! LOL Blessings Anne

  10. I truly hope this is the end of the cycle of bad news, trials, and tribulations. You have had your share of problems this year, and maybe with the addition of the new puppy and your son's renewed marriage, things will now settle down and you can get back to doing what you do best: inspiring others!

  11. Hello Sweet Mollye

    You have had your mind and heart so full this past year. I'm hoping that the Lord sends you many blessings in the days to come my friend.

    Gentle hugs and prayers.


  12. Oh, sweet Mollye... I want so much for your cup to be filled only with blessings! This has been such a rough year for you and yours, and I pray in our Savior's name that He will lift all of your hearts up and that He will hold you so close that your will know nothing but the sheer relief and pure joy of leaning on the Everlasting arm!

    Love you much...


    Sheila :-)

  13. Yes sweetheart you have had your share of sorrows in the past few months. My heart goes out to you.
    I am sure we all understand your absence, we miss you but we understand.

    I pray the holidays will be bright for you and your family although they will probably stir up memories that will sting a bit.
    God Bless You Mollye
    Big Hugs

  14. Hi Mollye,
    Thank you for stopping by today, it means so much to me that you would take time from your busy life to say hello. I know you have been through so much and I am amazed at your strength. You are so special and I'm thankful you are my blogging friend.


  15. Hi there Miz Mollye, oh so nice to see you vsit my blog! I did miss you but totally understand..I have my days where I can't think of a thing to blog about. Lord knows you and Punkin have had a hideous year, but it's almost a new year. So glad that Buddy and Jessica have decided to give their marriage another go, and the building will get sold. It all works out somehow.
    Praying for you to feel peace and calm...oh and I also need to see pictures of your doggies..I am, after all, the Dogmom
    hugs and loves,

  16. Hello, Dear Heart! So Good to see you hear again. I wondered about Facebook, but you'd had "issues" with it before, so I wasn't too surprised.

    And I'm chuckling a little over here. How does this happen? Tootie is my Dear Husband's nickname for his sister! We've called her that nearly for her entire life, lol!

    Sending you love.

  17. So that's what happened to you. I have been wondering why I have not seen you on FB. Truth to tell, it is hard for me to keep up with my blogs because sometimes I visit and there is nothing new and it does take a while to do the rounds. With FB, I know when there is a new post on my favorite blogs that I need to go read. I know things have been rough for you but you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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