Sunday, October 24, 2010


Happy Sunday Evening Everyone!

Hope today was a good one for you. As someone once said EVERYDAY above ground is a good one! Well I don't really know how funny that was but is just something that popped into my mind.

My Punkin is still in the woods, he called Saturday morning and had gotten one doe (a large one) but he is still there so who knows.............

What I know is it is HOT here cause the AC went out and Louisiana does not know it is Fall. We're still in summer around here at night. Shari gave me a box fan today to bring home so I will sleep better tonite.

I don't have anything clever, inspirational, or super interesting to write about was just feeling a bit disconnected and thought you might like these pictures.

This is a cute picture of Jake and Mike aboard the Belle of Hot Springs during a trip we three took two years ago to visit Lori and Marcus. So glad Lori had taken this and shared with me.

This is Shari (youngest daughter) with her beautiful little niece Hannah who will be a Mommy next week and Shari's daughter, Emily (granddaughter) who will be a Mommy next April with Lori (oldest daughter) next to her.

I know I am bragging a bit but I just think I have beautiful daughters and they are as beautiful on the inside as they are to look at. True inner beauty.........what could possibly ever be better?

You know there are many who are gorgeous to look at but without the inside matching the outside, the outside will fade and rust in time and there is nothing nice to see.

And I love this picture of Shari, Emily and Luke (Shari's youngest grandson)and our baby great-grandson.

So that is it cause I'm knee deep in the Brookshire's Contest where you pull off little stickers and find the place to stick them to win big savings at the grocery store. Yay yippee yay.

And to borrow a little phrase my boy Jake was fond of asking people?

"Do you know that Jesus loves you"? "Well he does and I do too"!


  1. You DO have beautiful daughters and you are the MAMA and so it isn't called bragging:) I love the picture of Jake and Mike, what a special picture! I hope you will stay cool tonight, nothing worse than sleeping in the heat! Love Jake's phrase, what a guy that Jake, what a guy! Love you my friend! HUGS!

  2. Lovely pictures and lovely girls! You should be very proud.

    Hugs XX

  3. You have a beautiful family to be proud of.
    That's a mom's job!! I always enjoy visiting with you. I think about you always and pray the Lord be with you on the good days and on the days that are not so good.

  4. Thanks, Mollye! I needed to hear that. Just went through a bit of a harrowing task, and I am tired. So hearing about His love was just the spark of life I needed right now.

    You do have lovely daughters and grandchildren, but they have lovely you!


    Sheila :-)

  5. This song brings tears to my eyes, have a happy Monday sweetie.....:-) Hugs

  6. The comment by Q Magpie is so great. They are beautiful children and grands, buth they have a beautiful you. So great to see and learn more about you and your life. One of my daughters won't let me post any pictures of her family at all. She is too concerned about her children's safety. Oh well that is okay I, I have to honor her wishes. Love the picture of Punkin and Jake.

  7. I'm so thankful for pictures they give us such peace.

  8. Lovely memories and wonderful saying from Jake. What a way to honor his memory.

  9. I enjoyed this post, love you.

  10. A beautiful family! Gorgeous girls! Love your blessings! You are so loved!


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