Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Help me wish my Baby Girl Happy Birthday today as she turns 46!

Seems only yesterday at age 10 that she was fussing at me for giving her those home permanents. Why oh why did I do that? She has the most beautiful hair of anyone in our family but I always thought she should have curls! Oh gosh are we ever satisfied?

We celebrated early on Sunday her birthday along with Joe (her oldest son) as she is a nurse who works nights and has to work tonight so her hubby had a little family party for her Sunday and we will get together again on the 8th when she's off for another celebration. I tell you the birthdays in our family tend to go on and on and on. This was taken on Halloween as she was about to cut her cake.

So many many sweet memories of Shari but as a child I also have many bittersweet memories as she was such a humble child that she didn't want anyone to fuss over her or spend money on her. At the time when we'd begin our school shopping, she always reminded me that she could wear big sister Lori's old dresses. Imagine that. I tell you I don't know where she got that virtue but she never wanted!

And the most recent of things I like to share about my little gal is how my life was changed as she gave me the Bible Study by Beth Moore on Mother's Day two years ago of the study of Esther and since then we have had a bible study going constantly just the two of us and it has brought us closer to each other and so much closer to the Lord.

Shari is amazing as she juggles her time between being a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend and nurse. She has such great compassion for her patients and truly comes to life around children. She always thinks of others first and self last. Well..............almost last. But then again there is her bright red Mustang with the loud pipes and the tinted windows. I said ALMOST... You go girl!

Happy Birthday Shari....... I love you so much.


  1. Happy Birthday to Sweet Shari, and may she have many, many more happy ones!

    What a beautiful tribute, Mollye...


    Sheila (I'm supposed to be voting right now, but suddenly I looked up, and it's noon. So I guess I will go after lunch!):-)

  2. Happy Birthday to dear Shari, may she be greatly celebrated.

  3. Praise the Lord and Happy Birthday to your precious daughter Shari!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Very happy birthday. Each one to be cherished. I loved the pictures.

  5. Happy Birthday Sweetie...
    I think you really look like your beautiful mama :D
    HUGS ~victoria~

  6. Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman! I know how proud you must be of her.

  7. Happy Birthday Shari! What a beautiful Daughter, then and now! HEY, love the ride:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  8. Happy birthday to Shari! You have a lovely family Mollye! Susie xxxx

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter Shari. sandie

  10. Thank you Momma! This is such a sweet way for you to honor me on my birthday. Did I tell you that 46 years ago today, I was given the best mother in the world?
    I Love you...Shari...

  11. ♪♫♪ happy, happy birthday ♫♪♫ to your precious shari!! what a wonderful person she is ... a sweet petal from the bouquet of her beautiful mama!!

    love the post!


  12. What a wonderful moment in time when you realize that your child has grown to also be your best friend. Sounds like that's the kind of relationship you and your Shari enjoy!
    Hope her birthday is blessed!

    P.S. Pass the cake! :-)

  13. Happy birthday to sounds like you two are lucky to have each other.....

  14. Happy birthday, dear Shari! I think you must be pretty special, for your Mama to love you so much!

  15. Happy Birthday to Shari! What a remarkable family you have here lady! Love knowing them through you! Anne


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