Sunday, October 31, 2010



Oh gosh it's gonna be so sad for all the little trick or treaters here in Louisiana who can't get anyone to come to the door. Cha-ching...dat's da way it is here

Game Time Halloween Night ... sorry little kids...just a few less cavities for ya!

And I leave you with a little 4th of July foolishness from da girls...who dat!



  1. Can't wait! I love football! I am kicked back in my recliner right now watching GB and the Jets! I bet the fellas will fight over who gets to stay home and hand out the candy so they can watch the game:)

    Enjoy your evening and "Who Dat"? ME:)

  2. Most towns around here and around Oklahoma City celebrated Halloween last night. The one hold-out that I heard about was Norman, Oklahoma - home of the University of Oklahoma. Their game started at 8:30 last night, so Norman declared that trick-or-treat night there would be tonight. You just don't come between a Sooner and his football game.

  3. I can't believe football trumps Halloween :) We are staying home tonight too but we are not big football fans. Glad to hear you got the building sold. That sure is great news and to someone who needs it so badly too. Go ahead and try the medication. I feel much better these days myself. Not 100% up to speed but definitely better.

  4. Love this, Mollye! And I didn't have football as an excuse. LOL! Got in late from the trip and went out to eat with Mr. Magpie. So no little trick or treaters this year. They were out, too, but alas, my dietary needs came first!

    Love the Saints! Speaking of which, I saw Archie at the Ole Miss game in the stands, but I gotta say, I was pulling for the Tigers. Love my Tigers. Waaaaaaaaaar Eagle! We are on our way at long last...


    Sheila :-)

  5. Auburn Tigers, though I love those Bengal Tigers, too! :-)

  6. Just caught up on a few blog posts. Sorry you've been feeling down about your haircut, but I bet it isn't nearly as bad as you feel it is. The shorter I cut my hair the more my husband seems to like it!!! Sure hope your medicine works for you and that you will be feeling like your old self soon...and hope your doggies get ok too!

  7. Glad to see those Saints march those Steelers back to Pittsburgh with a loss! HeeHee! Too bad the Broncos could not have had some of that win yesterday! :(

  8. Who dat say who day when I say who dat?!

    Hi, dear one. Just dropped by to see what you've been up to. Game night tops Halloween, anytime! (Our big games were Saturday, though, which we screamed and shouted and hooted all the way through. YES! to Oregon college football!)

    Love you bunches, and think of you daily...


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