Friday, July 31, 2009

A camping we will go, a camping we will go........Whew! takes a little thinking and planning to know just what to take and what not to take too much of which I seem to always do. Our kids invited us to join them for a few days so we're leaving today after punkin darlin gets home from work and going up to Hot Springs, Arkansas to Brady Mountain. Daughter Lori and her hubby Marcus have an RV already set up and waiting. This will be our last little getaway for the year because the rest of Mike's vacation time will not be touched for such stuff. Nope all the rest (about 2-3 weeks) will be reserved for the great deer hunting season just around the corner. So we're hoping for decent weather for swimming, fishing, grilling (yep, gotta be careful know the "diet thing")and in general having fun with the youngins. I'll take lots of groovy pics and post them next week. Ciao and Peace my friends, Mollye

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  1. OH I used to love to go camping when my boys were small. Sounds like fun!!! Take lots of photos to share with us.



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