Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just two sisters having fun. Daughters Lori and Shari.

Where has our summer gone? Before it leaves us for good, I thought I'd show you what we did here this summer. I may have some readers new to Shezadoozey so I wanted to introduce you to my family. Course not nearly all the grandkids are in these pictures.

Here's my punkin darlin Mike doing what he always gets stuck doing when theres a crowd over...............standing over a hot grill! Somebody's gotta feed these hungry kids.

This is Lori's hubby, Marcus........One wild and crazy son-in-law who hails from northern California. Figures huh? tee hee
This is one of the grandsons, Joe and his family; Raney and kids, Leah and ol' cool hand Luke (the apple of his great-grannies eye for sure)

Heres the baby of the family.I call him Baby Jake. Pulleeeeeeeeeze. JAKE it is.

and here is oldest son Buddy and his wife Jessica cooling off in probably 100 degrees in the shade. You think I'm joking?

I wanted to show you some of the flowering beauties from our yard this year. The Oleander was in full bloom and had never been this pretty before.

We started out by raising a huge garden and God blessed our garden so greatly with what you see here and much much more. We still have watermelons not quite ready, and a few more tomatoes, egg plants and okra. Pretty soon punkin darlin will re-plow and we'll put in seeds for greens; turnip, mustard and collards. Ummmmmmmmmm don't get much better ya hear?

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  1. Looks like a big happy family and a whole lot of fun!

    I love your blog it looks great Mollye!


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