Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SPARTS.............Do You Love Them Too?

Ok..You got me there. Yup it is a word I made up! I love Dolls. I love Art Dolls. And I love making Dolls from Spare Parts. Thus...........Sparts!

This little guy is called The Hardware Man and his body is an old door lock mechanism with the knob mounted on a base which is a square block of wood distressed. His actual arms are little forks and he is holding a length of chain. His cape is wire mesh and for a crown he wears a small Tuna Fish can with the edges curled down and a lamp pull chain and other little embelishments.

I call this little trooper Birthday Boy. His body is an old iron candlestick and his arms are made of barbed wire. His hat is made from copper and he holds some little embelishments one of which is an altered domino. He has a flowing gown of heavy mesh fabric from an old drawstring laundry bag and little flowers for cuteness. Raffia completes his emsemble at the neck.

This is my Bottle Baby and she is a little charmer made from a bottle and heavily soldered under beeswax, and cheesecloth for the texture. Alcohol inks are used while the wax is hot. She has tiny porcelain arms and wears an old dog tag. Her crown is an old brass cuff bracelet.

And this is the gal I'm presently working on. She will get her name further along in the creation process, but I wanted to show you how "doll like" she looks at this point and I'm sure that will all change as I just started her but her main body will be that red checked lamp shade rolled up that you see and I found that hot red shiny belt while Thrifting so of course it will be a part of her and her hair will probably be made up of many of those red coiled wires with beads. So a Spart in the making here.

And I know exactly why my mind suffers so from being able to complete a project. It is the Studio Imp. He is very tiny and runs with a pack of little imps just like him I believe. Because I used to think I was just messy. But nope. Because I can go in my studio and have everything put away nicely and looking all neat and such and leave just for a few minutes to do housework of course and when I return this is what I find! Utter chaos. The imps scatter everything out and leave complete boxes and storage bins out and all helter skelter like you see here.

They're not satisfied just poking nosily through one area. Oh no....they they then feel as if they must go to my tool table and mix up the fabrics with the tools, the paint with the thread so you can not even discern what area of the room it is!

It's almost as if they hear me close by and jump from one table to the next and they end up in the sewing area and scatter laces, threads and all the sewing notions from one end to another so I can't find a thing I'm looking for.

And last but not least they will not stop until they have piled stuff onto my chair so that I cannot even sit down in my own Studio to work or play. Then I finally finish in the other part of the house and think NOW I can go back in my little haven and be creative and walk into the room to this. I tell you if I could only get my hands on those impish creatures. I wonder how many of you are bothered by the Studio Imps and what is your solution?????????????

Have a Wonderfully Awesome Day, My Sista Girls! Mollye


  1. Love your sparts, what neat projects. I think the cousins of your imps reside here, they wreak havoc with my things and sometimes it seems I spend more time looking for what I want or need to use then I actually spend making it. Grrrr!! I haven't found the solution yet, but any advice would be appreciated!! LOL. Great post molly,as usual you always have me smiling. Have a great day. Hugs.

  2. Your art dolls or sparts are super, love love love the first one :)
    I have those imps in my studio too LOL, but every once in a while i go in there and put everything away so then they have to start all over again. You would be surprised what I find when I do that too :)

  3. Oh My Gosh Mollye!
    I cannot believe how absolutely precious these dolls are. You just take a little bit of everything and build away. No rules, no patterns, just whatever is in the mind at that time. I so love it. I might could actually be pretty good at this art. THanks for sharing sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  4. I love it/them/sparts. What fun, you go girl, they are terrific!!



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