Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Day...A New Year

What will I do with it?
What will you do with it?

Will I lose these many unwanted pounds? Take better care of myself.
Will I be a nicer person?
How about nasty little habits?
Will this be the year I no longer bite my nails?
Will I be all about kindness and compassion with everyone?
Will I be the woman God intended me to be?
Will I be a better wife?
A better friend?
More focused on my talents?

So much to think about isn't it.

Maybe I'll just try to be a better person today than I was yesterday. You know, like a better mollye. That might be a good place to begin. Maybe I could work on thinking more before I speak so that all my words will be sweeter.

And I might just take more time to enjoy things like this Blue Moon which occurs each month but only once in twenty years on New Year's Eve.

I think I'd like to live more like I were dying.

The one thing I will strive not to do is to kick myself and feel guilty for not being the most perfect I want to be. I can keep trying to do better the next time.

I hope that you will be kind to yourself too!


  1. That sounds like a good plan! I hope you have a very Happy New Year and it brings you wonderful things!

  2. That sounds like a great resolution, Mollye! I believe I will join you on that.

    Here's wishing you a fabulous 2010!

    Laissez bon temps roulet!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I don't think living like you're dying sounds very nice... but I'm your son, so the thought is naturally unpleasant to me.

    I have been up since 6 a.m. cooking black eyed peas and collard greens for tonight. I have to be off to work in a while, so hopefully it'll be a fast day. I love you and wish the best year ever!

  4. Hello Sweet Mollye.
    Your song reminds me of when my Mother was told by her doctor that she had four months to live with lung cancer. All six of us gathered around her in that tiny exam room and choked back the tears trying to be brave for her.

    Later, we took her to lunch and she said, "the hardest part about dying will be leaving you children, but today I'm going to start living like I'm dying." She actually made us smile, bittersweet, but all the same, heartwarming.

    So, everytime I hear this song. I think of her and what she said that day. And, you know what, she did just that. She lived about six months and we were all with her as she took her last breath.

    God Bless you Mollye. I have so enjoyed your friendship.


  5. Definitely concentrating on the spiritual this year. I look forward to journeying with you this year. Happy new year Mollye, may it be filled with wonder, joy and love. suzie. xxx

  6. I'm with Buddy on this one. Other than that I really enjoyed catching up on your blog momma. You are such a superb writer. How's bout living like we're living ? Sounds good too doesn't it ?
    Love You !

  7. I read somewhere that if you set out for a particular destination and get off course just a degree each day, you will not reach the intended destination. The reverse is true, just a little change can over the course of a year amount to a big change.

    I am hoping to make several little changes!!

    Blessings Miz Mollye!

    oh, I wanted to ask how Andy was doing?

  8. Geez Mollye...I thought you were already much better can you be? ;)
    I am all about NOT beating myself up over failed expectations. Therefore I do not expect anything!!!! EXCEPT for maybe the Saints to pull this SuperBowl stuff off???? I know you are with me on this one right????
    We'll see tomorrow but...I shouldn't expect it...should I?
    everything vintage

  9. Each day we are living is the only day we have .... one day at a time. Blessings to you as you reach your goals.


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