Thursday, February 4, 2010


This story ran in our local newspaper this morning about a Louisiana woman named Lydia now living in League City, TX (near Houston) who is going to open this bottle of champagne on Super Bowl Sunday. She and her hubby Max bought it in 1988 while in New Orleans attending a Saints game and decided they would open it when/if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl. Max died 9years ago and she has kept it unopened all this time and is planning a huge celebration this Sunday with friends who knew Max and family and will pop the top. A precious story and it will be a precious day full of laughs, tears and many chants of "who dat".

Oh Boy the excitement is mounting to a frenzy in Louisiana and I just hate being here in Arkansas away from all the hoopla but Punkin is coming in this weekend to party with mizmollye and Lori and her hubs and is bringing me a Who Dat surprise so one or two more posts about the "boys" and then I promise to move on to other topics as I know EVERYONE in cyberland are not passionate about the pigskin being thrown about a huge field by black and gold clad guys in tight pants, although I can't imagine why!

Who dat, Mollye


  1. I saw this lady on the news. I live very close to Houston. I believe that is one of the most romantic things that I have heard in a long time.

  2. What a precious story! Thanks for sharing with those of us out of the loop:-)
    My neighbors are from New Orleans and I just saw a bumper sticker on their cer that read...Geaux Saints. Very it!

  3. Oh, I can't read this because the color is too light on my computer but I wanted to stop by and say 'hi' Mollye! I hope all is well in your world. I'm guessing this means you are pulling for the Saints on Sunday...sorry, I have to root for the Colts because the Saints beat my Vikings :-(

    Blessings to you!

  4. What a neat story! Well, Gal...Ya'll Hoop N Holler all ya want....those guys in tightpants deserve all the celebrating you can give em. Have fun fun fun!!!!

    Still workin 9-5....thru Saturday. See ya again soon!...Sue

  5. i might check in on super bowl sunday for the commercials. they're always fun to watch.

    and if i catch a glimpse of some tight pants on the players, my feelings won't be hurt. heh heh

    good luck to your team, mizmollye. have fun!

    terry lee

  6. That is a very sad but sweet story Mollye. Thanks for sharing. So it is Arkansas is it? I knew it was something like that. Not a fan of the Saints or football in general but I will be watching, mostly because so many bloggers are Saints fans. I will be cheering along with you. Maybe my sweetie will explain it to me. The only time I went to a football match I fell asleep. See if you can imagine that on one of those long backless benches. I was bored stiff!! I was lucky I didn't fall off.

  7. Hey My Girlfriend!!!!
    I want to hear you scream shouts of JOY as the Saints score okay???
    I'm so excited. I'm signing out as I just posted my last post before I go into black and gold oblivion.
    Chin up, fingers crossed, Hail Mary and Good luck girl...I'll be thinking about you up there in Arkansas.
    Win or Loose, it IS more than football~
    everything vintage

  8. What a brilliant story Mollye, I am getting excited now, even though I won't se it! suzie xxx

  9. That is a very sweet and heart touching story.

  10. That's a touching story, Mollye!

    And of course, we don't mind hearing about the Saints! I'm pulling for them, too!


    Sheila :-)


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