Saturday, May 1, 2010



Today we will be joining our good friends Peggy and Tom
(in my dreams and on my bloggy).

And Miz Peggy aka QueenMothermamaw invited everyone to show and tell with our hats, our dresses, shoes and any other pertinent info.

Oh it was such fun shopping for this gala event and I can't wait to show my ole bad self off here with this number and I adore it. Whatcha think?

And for my dress I thought it might be warm so I went with something cool (course Punkin says it's "hot") and loose and it is soooooooo comfy

And since we'll be sitting most of the day I thought this little strappy pair of sandals would be fun and not to uncomfortable. You know how bad you feel all over when those tootsies hurt

And for Punkin Darlin's Derby Attire:
I can't wait to see him in this

And we found the perfect pair of shoes for him but they only had them in brown and white and he just could not wear brown with his black suit, so we bought them anyway and I took them in to have them dyed. Yep just picture this pair in black and white.

And since Peggy gave us a wee bit of short notice we had one heckuva time making flight plans, but lucked out cause our dear friends offered for us to take their vintage T-Bird and wouldn't ya just know I love a convertible and doesn't it look great with my hat and dress!

Weeeeeeeeeee. I'm squealing like a pig and grinning like a schoolgirl. See you at the Derby. Oh and I almost forgot.

Our horses! We're going for "Noble's Promise" ridden by jock, Willie Martinez

and just for grins and giggles I'm gonna play a longshot bet on Homeboykris

which is now at 50-1 odds and will be ridden by Ramon Dominguex.

Go hoss!

Thanks Peggy for hosting this oh so fun fantasy event!!!!!!!


  1. How fun!! What a fabulous idea!! You'll look mahhhhhvelous, Miz Mollye!! Good luck to your picks!

  2. So much fun. I always want a hat and to stroll around at the Kentucky Derby!

  3. Oh Miz Mollye, can I come with you?? Your look is fab! and good luck with your horsie!


  4. OMGosh MizzyMollye....Hang on to that hat! With all that feathery stuff it may take flight! And for Pete's sake watch where ya step in those HiHiHeels. Good luck with that 50 to l. That'd be some action! How Fun!!!

  5. Well now that's some pretty sexy outfits you picked out. I do love red anything and shoes? Oh my stand back I have a pair of red strappy sandals that are sooo sexy (in my opinion).

    Thanks so much for all of your support this week, I really appreciate you friendship!

  6. LOL!! I don't think those shoes are going to be comfortable, my dear. Sexy but not comfortable. that is why I like my boots -- they give me a few inches and comfort!! Punkin Darling is going to be irresistible in those duds. Hot!! Whew!

  7. Wow, I bet you and PD will be the best-dressed virtual attendees this year! ;)

  8. Oh Mollye what a great idea and so much fun!

    I love your outfit - and all the red! Love those shoes and hat especially.

    Your Old Kentucky Home - the song - you see music is everywhere in everything.


  9. Hi Mollye Sweetie...
    OMG what a beauty you have picked out. I can see you already in the hat with the dress and those shoes are TDF. They are definitely you sweetie. Now I will say that with his handlebar moustache, your Punkin will look quite dapper beside you sweetie. I love it, and what better way to travel than first class in that beautiful car. Nothing but the best for Sweet Mollye. Love ya girl. I have missed you.

    I am trying to play catch up on the blogs. I have been quite sick I am afraid. I thought it was only a cold, and it appears from an x-ray and the Dr.visit on Wednesday, I have pneumonia. I am trying to do a few things at a time. Not to fast these days. The cough has egged on my asthma, which has made it hard for me to breathe. I am on my nebulizer every 2 hours for assistance. The coughing so hard, caused me to pull a chest muscle, which is causing muscle spasms in my neck and back area. It has been a mess. I am trying to fight back the best I can.

    Sorry it took awhile to get back over to you sweetie. I pray you had a beautiful May Day today and that you day with Punkin at the Derby was filled with Happiness and Sunshine. I love ya girl. Many country hugs..>Sherry


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