Sunday, May 2, 2010


Thanks Sandie from Chatty Crone for the award. I had received this before from Peggy and I appreciated it then and appreciate it now. I like to do the awards but I remove them shortly after posting. However instead of passing it on to ten people I will pick my newest follower and anyone else who has not had this award, please feel free to snag it!

Sandie is a gal I admire for her honesty and her interesting posts. She keeps us on our toes about who is celebrating what each day. I'm just sayin, this lady is a virtual "treasure trove of trivia". I first "met" her when she participated in my Bunny Swap exchange and we have stayed in touch and I adore her. You will too!

As far as ten things you may not know about me I don't know of a thing that has been left unsaid as far as "interesting", but for someone new to my blog, I'll try!
1. I LOVE coconut!
2. I LOVE crawfish (duh), pancakes with loads of syrup and chocolate milk but not together!
3. I LOVE to re-purpose and recycle.
4. In my dreams I can fly!
5. I talk to myself.
6. I am 66 years old but like to dress "trendy"
7. My father wanted to send me to Eastman School of Music in New York, but instead I went to business school for one year.
8. I become emotional when I enter our cathedral each week.
9. I can't bear to miss an episode of Young and Restless. Love having a DVR!
10.I am a great art project starter but most often do not finish my projects!

And now I'd like to pass this award and introduce you to Kim at Marmee's Pantry. She has a unique and awesome blog just filled with amazing facts.


  1. Miz. M. and Punkin Darlin you looked Marvelous, along with Lady Cat and The Bach, me and Handsome Husband we turned a lot of heads at the Derby. Good thing we were on Millionaire's Row we would have been sopping wet. Did you like the juleps? Now I went with the La. jockey Calvin Borel and won a whole $32.00. Did you see Diane Lane? She is beautiful. She was Grand Marshall in the Pegasus parade along with the real owner of Secretariat who they just finished a movie about. Appreciated have that convertible to whiz around in with you and thanks for a few hours of sunshine. Love ya both.

  2. congratulations mizmollye! you ARE a beautiful blogger! always love and enjoy visiting your funny, entertaining, thought-provoking blog.

    my late brother-in-law (sister's hubby) went to eastman for post-grad work. both native texans, it was not their best four years living in rochester, ny!!

    anyway, enjoyed reading things about you that i didn't know! great idea.

    have a wonderful sunday!

    terry lee

  3. Love you MizMollye and I love Sandie also. Great post! I got this award also so I best post! LOL!

  4. Hey Miz. M. you won the poster and souvenir from the Derby Outfit Show. I have your address. Will mail as soon as I can get to town.
    Thanks for participating. You are such fun.

  5. So so nice to get to know you better! I especially like it that you are 66 and dress trendy. I am 53 and like to do the same. Blessings friend! ~ k

  6. Hey Miz Mollye! I loved finding out these things about you! I have a couple of things in common with you, too...uh, can we say "The Newmans and The Abbots"??!! (but seriously, aren't you just sooo tired of a couple of the story lines? And bringing back characters from way back? Heck, I could write better scripts!)

  7. First the song playing by Vince Gill - Go High on the Mountain was the song I played over and over when my brother died - Vince Gill lost his brother too you know.

    Anyway thank you for sharing and thanks so much for your sweet comments - wow - what a lucky gal I am to have your friendship.

    I'm glad in your dreams you can fly - how cool.

    And you don't even look 50! You are living right! You are amazing.


  8. AWWWWWW!!! Thanks SO MUCH MizzMollye for the award. I am humbled & most grateful!! It's always good to see a comment or 2 from you.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><
    P.S...Your doggie story is KILLING me! '-)


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