Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For today I wanted to give you all some beautiful little butterfly images to copy

Have you ever used Shrinky Dink? It is easy and fun.

First of all, left click on each one of these images to enlarge and then right click to save to your hard drive. Then print one of them out and cut around. They will shrink about 75% in size and you may want to experiment first with some black text without wasting your colored ink.

Next place the image behind a sheet of shrinky dink like a transparency and using your Copic markers or just any marker or colored pencil or even acrylics, paint or color the image. Then cut around the colored image on your shrinky dink plastic and following directions for your product, bake it and you will have a little charm, pendant or if you've made two of them a pair of earrings. Be sure to make your hole at the top before baking. I love to make them as charms and tie fibers, wire or ribbons and attach to journals and altered books or on tags. Again...Creativity. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Anyone of you doing VBS...this is a fun project for the kids and they can use biblical or color book images. Have fun.


  1. So pretty! I haven't seen Shrinky Dinks in a long time. Where can you find the film or whatever it's called? I didn't know you could buy it.

  2. I have seen Shrinky Dinks for a long time either, Ok granny said. I do love the butterflies. Cutesy aprongs on previous post. You are a busy gal.

  3. Ohh... love these...I did a scrapbook page of Adam (when he was 2 or 3) sleeping and surrounded the photos with butterflies. Thanks!

    And I haven't thought about Shrinky Dinks in ages:)


  4. i love intricate...everyone different...some seem to have big eyes!!!
    thank you MIZMOLLYE for these beauties :D

  5. Mollye... those are just beautiful! This look like fun to play with for crafts! Thanks! I'm not talented like you are in that department, but these are so pretty, I just might give it a whirl!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Hi Mollye,

    I am still out of town but wanted to stop by and say hello! Love your butterflies.


  7. Hi Mollye! How are ya girl. I have been trying to catch up on my visiting so I thought I'd hop over and get a "Mollye fix!"

    I love these butterfly images. I can sure come up with a project for them.



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