Thursday, September 23, 2010


It was so subtle that I don't even know when he began saying it.

Everytime Jake finished talking to someone whether in person or on the phone, whether family, friend, customer or total stranger...............ALWAYS

I repeat ALWAYS he said to them, "God Bless You". It must have become an ingrained habit like saying "see ya later", or "bye-bye".

But I think there was something to that little phrase. I think Jake truly wanted God to bless that person and I believe He did.

We all began wondering how we could honor Jake's memory and in a nice way and talking to each other about the legacy Jake had left us and Lori my oldest wanted to order little printed cards with scripture and the phrase "God Bless You", along with maybe something like In Memory of Jake and to be able to hand these out to people.

Shari is a busy wife, mom, grandma and a working nurse (night shift at that) and didn't want to begin a cause she didn't feel that she would continue with but she said I can ask God to Bless people, so she began repeating that phrase to folks when she finished talking to them and she said it warmed her heart.

Buddy is living in Alabama and I truly don't know as of yet how he will use the legacy left by his brother but I know he will do something amazing.

I on the other hand do not feel as if I've done anything much other than I'm happy to have created Jake's Story in blog so others may come to know the person we all loved. It does give me a creative outlet to write about my son as well as provide a form of therapy to release my feelings.

And today was one of my days in which I answer the hotline phone from home for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, through the catholic church as one of my volunteer projects where people in need call in for assistance with utilities, rent or groceries and in the past I have answered the calls, taken the information down and make the correct referrals when my shift ends and that is that. Something pretty much anyone can do and perhaps even a trained monkey??? I'm just sayin.........

But today is different. I began lingering on the line after all the information is obtained and telling the voice on the other end, "Good Luck to you and God Bless You", and practically every one of them has said "Thank You and God Bless You too". And I've noticed that I hang up with a smile on my face and you know when you're talking on the phone you can almost always know when the other person is smiling or frowning and based on that it seems to determine your general outlook as well.

And it seems as if the person requesting assistance is also smiling, feeling perhaps a little hopeful. And the strangest thing has happened not once, not twice, but three times today and that is that someone I do not even know has begun talking about spititual matters and we have actually encouraged each other to not give up and to keep on praying and they have told me they would pray for me too. Amazing.

So you see, another lesson from my least of my children, from my baby. From the one who has gone on before us. I have learned today from Jake that it matters not how much you have to give someone. Or how badly you yourself are in need, that it does not cost one penny or more than a second of your time to let them know they are important and that they are special and that you are asking God to Bless Them. How rewarding for you and for them.

I think Jake was on to something don't you?

Have a Great Day and God Bless You!


  1. Yes, sweet one, I definitely think Jake was onto something, something very precious. He was blessed to have you for a mom, and vice versus.

  2. Oh what a sweet young man! He is still teaching us from above:) God Bless You my friend in every part of your day and your giving heart is so appreciated!

    Love you bunches!

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  4. Hi Mollye,
    I had to redo my comment. Your son was a wonderful and caring young man with a big heart.

    I say God Bless to you and your family for keeping his memory in your hearts.


  5. Wonderful...Your Son keeps giving doesn't he...

    God Bless Us All!!!



  6. His Blessings continue through you! How wonderful and important that you continue his legacy...he's amazing...and so are you!

  7. Hey Jake! That's a very cool shirt! :-)

  8. What a wonderful way to honor Jake and the Savior he loved so much.

  9. Oh what a special person and what a great way to end a conversation. Such a special blessing. Hugs, Marty

  10. God Bless you Mollye and your wonderful family. Have a great weekend.......:-)Hugs

  11. I am sending love your way tonight!

  12. I love that Jake is still touching peoples lives through people that he loved and that loved him.


  13. Oh Miz M. how Jake has fulfilled his destiny in God's work. We can never judge the journey of any human being except in relation to the good they do during life or after. It all counts. I feel so blessed to have known his story and the entire story of your family. dear sista in Christ. That is quite a job you have there. Your voice is the voice of hope to those folks. God bless, always.

  14. God Bless you too my Sweet Friend. This is something my Mum says to everyone strangers included.


  15. I love to say "God bless you" to people, and sometimes even "bless you, darling" or something like that. When it comes from the heart, it is powerful. We are speaking life, not death, blessing and not cursing. Our words have power.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today! What a blessing to have you drop by. I look forward to having a look around your lovely blog too...

    oh, and...

    ...God bless you! ;)


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